Vegan Eats | Spiced Pear And Cranberry Relish


When I think of food which is, to me, synonymous with Christmas, it isn’t long before chutney comes to mind. A perfect, and quite frankly necessary, accompaniment to any vegan cheeseboard worth its salt, a good chutney – or relish, or pickle – adds flavour and interest to any party platter. While vegan-friendly chutneys are easy to come by in stores, making your own can be a lot of fun; you’ll appreciate it that much more for having made it yourself, and might even be able to part with a few jars to gift to your loved ones.


While they’re pretty easy to make, chutneys and relishes do take time to concoct; the way I see it, that makes them the perfect activity for a dreary winter Sunday at home. So stick on your favourite playlist, clean up the kitchen and get cracking!

For my Spiced Pear and Cranberry Relish, I followed this recipe. I suppose I could have winged it but didn’t want to risk it! That said, it’s not rocket science: there are dozens of good combinations like caramelised onion and apple, onions, apples and currants, plum and raisins, etc.

Make sure you sterilise your salvaged jars by washing them with hot water and soap, and drying them in the oven at 140c for about 10-15 minutes.

The cranberries add a sharp sweetness, offset by the cider vinegar, while the pear provides the chunky texture…get on my cracker immediately!

I’m on the hater side of the coriander fence, so I left that out. I couldn’t get my hands on a dried chilli so I threw in a generous helping of chilli seeds instead for an added kick. Substitute the ingredients as you see fit for your own individual take.

Chutney gets better with time, which is why I’ve made this batch early on in the season. Keep your jars stored in a cool, dark place for around 6 weeks (perfect timing for Christmas!) and eat within a month of opening.

Have you made chutney before? Let me know how yours turned out, or if you’ll give this one a go, in the comments!



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2 thoughts on “Vegan Eats | Spiced Pear And Cranberry Relish

  1. Oh this looks so delicious! I’ve got a couple of free days in the run up to Christmas so I might try making it myself – my family are never gonna turn down the extra food! xx


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