A Winter Mood Board


Winter might not officially start until December, but once mid-November has rolled around, it feels more like it than not. The crisp but relatively mild days of Autumn, with its rust-coloured leaves and collectable conkers, have made way for a biting chill and a grey breeze on the air. And, as gloomy as that might sound in comparison, I’m welcoming the change.

I love the idea of embracing the weather no matter what it throws at us. It made life a lot easier this Summer; when the sky was overcast and the weather muggy, I found it easier to shrug off and accept, whereas before I would have been really frustrated by the consistent lack of sun. Likewise, once Autumn is on the horizon but the humid final days of warmth won’t let go, I try to make the most of the transitional phase and not resent it too much.

Now that Winter is here (or, at least, coming), my desire to stay cosy has strengthened. Mostly, this means staying indoors: wearing warm socks, trying out new hot drinks, never straying far from a blanket or the sofa. Candles are lit more than they’re not, filling my home with the fresh, wintry scents of cinnamon, pine and cloves. It can also mean cosying up for outdoors adventures: huge scarves and thick boots for crisp walks in the park, layers for trips to central, including my annual pilgrimage to Liberty’s stunning Christmas floor.

This mood board is winter in a nutshell for me: crisp, natural tones, bright skies threatening frost and snow, warmth locked in behind panes of glass, candles burning.

What does winter mean to you?

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