PHB Ethical Beauty | Foundation And Mineral Eyeshadows Review


Occasionally, I’ll take a peek at the ingredients of my favourite foundation or mascara, and be met with an incomprehensible list of chemicals which, although they have been cleared for use, are disconcerting nonetheless. Some of the main offenders are my favourite cruelty-free brands, which I have been loyal to (much to the despair of my bank balance) since deciding to use only vegan products. And while I haven’t had any adverse reactions to any of the products I’ve used, it has got me thinking about seeking more natural alternatives.

With that in mind, I picked up the Pure Skin Organic Liquid Foundation with SPF 30 from PHB Ethical Beauty on Love Lula, wanting to try a natural foundation which I hoped would provide as high quality coverage and finish as its not-so-natural counterparts. With the festive season approaching, I thought I’d also try some of the brand’s Pressed Mineral Eyeshadows. I chose three shades: Onyx (a true black, matte with a slight shimmer), Acai Berry (a deep purple, satin with a slight shimmer) and Amethyst (a gorgeous lilac, satin with a vibrant shimmer). Having previously tried some of PHB’s skincare, I was pretty excited to trial some of their makeup range, too.


For the foundation, I picked up the shade “Fair Beige.” It’s always a risk picking out a foundation shade without trying it in person, but the description provided – which included undertone recommendations – reassured me that this would be a good match for me.

Packaging and price | The foundation comes in simple but chic packaging which, to my joy, is fully recyclable. The glass bottle feels sturdy and the pump is effective. The box that the foundation comes packaged in is also made of eco-friendly materials and can be recycled. With a full price of £19.95 and currently on sale for £14.95, I think that this product is very reasonably priced. Its longevity will depend on how many pumps of it you use and how often you wear it; for me personally, I find I use around 2-3 pumps to reach my desired coverage; while I don’t anticipate it lasting me as long as some other foundations I’ve tried which require less product, I think the price to quantity ratio is fair. It costs around half of what a high-end foundation will set you back, and you are paying for naturally and ethically sourced ingredients.

Effectiveness and consistency | The product is a lot thicker and creamier than other foundations I have tried; it reminded me of the Inika liquid foundation in this sense. While it does take some buffing out, the finish strikes a good balance between being full coverage and very natural looking. Regrettably, on my skin (which has admittedly not fully adjusted to the colder weather yet) I did notice the foundation caking a little around my nose and chin, but applying some setting powder in those areas has helped. To be honest, this is an issue with most foundations I have tried; perhaps I’m yet to find the perfect formula for my skin type! I have been loving wearing this foundation out for short periods of time rather than full days at work – it holds up very nicely for a good 4-5 hours and feels really nice on the skin.


Moving onto the eyeshadows, I can’t tell you how impressed I am with these! I’ve used a few mineral eyeshadows from other brands, mainly Lily Lolo, and have found that the colour payoff is pretty spectacular. High quality and no nasty ingredients, what more could you wish for?

Packaging and price | The eyeshadows come packaged in a cardboard case with a sort of magnetic shutter to keep the lids down. I’m not sure how best these would be recycled, but thankfully you can send your packaging back to PHB to have them take care of it for you, so I may do that instead once I’ve finished with these products. I have a slight concern about the pan being a little shallow; I managed to shatter one of the shades and regrettably the product is quite precariously enclosed. That said, I do think overall that the packaging is perfectly fine, and I love that it’s recyclable. In terms of the price – £9.95 each – this is competitive and along the same lines of the other pressed mineral eyeshadows I’ve tried.

Effectiveness and consistency | No lie, these eyeshadows are probably the most highly pigmented ones I have used to date. The three shades I picked up work super well together, and I’ve been using them all to create a few different looks, including a slightly out-there upside down smokey eye which didn’t quite go to plan, but still looked banging regardless. I’ve been using these shadows dry because I feel they are pigmented enough as it is, but come Christmas I might go up a gear and use a wet brush to apply them. I would recommend starting with a small amount and gradually building up, as a small amount does go a long way. As I’ve learned, it’s best not to be too heavy-handed with these shadows – I managed to crumble one when taking the swatches for this post!

All in all, I’m really impressed with the makeup I’ve tried so far from PHB Ethical Beauty. The quality, particularly considering the price point, is there; as with all of PHB’s range, the ethical credentials are second to none. If you’re wanting to venture more into natural and green beauty, they’re definitely a good brand to start with.

You can get 15% off sitewide on for Black Friday – just add the code FRIDAY at checkout! 

Have you tried anything from PHB Ethical Beauty? Let me know in the comments!

*This post was not sponsored, but I did not have to pay for these products.

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