New Moon Intentions | November


And, just like that, we’ve reached that weird, in-between phase after Halloween but before Christmas, where Autumn starts to wither and (if you’re in England, at least) the odd, half-hearted winter starts to lay down roots. Where did September and October even go?

At the beginning of last month, I felt very focused and motivated to work on being a better part of the lives of my loved ones, be more creative and also live life at a slower pace. As far as the first of my intentions goes, I have definitely felt closer to certain people in my life and have felt better about my relationships in general. I’m not sure who I was kidding thinking I could take a step back and be more relaxed whilst also attempting #Blogtober but hey, at least I ticked creativity off my list of goals for the month.

For various reasons, I found it a little hard to sit down this New Moon and take time to plot what I want to work on during the next few weeks. I decided not to force it, and between now and the Full Moon I’ll just do what I can to get a clearer grasp on how I’d like this month to pan out. Nevertheless, here are a few of the things I’ll be concentrating on…

In November, I will continue to work on taking life at a slower pace. To lift the pressure off myself a bit, though, I’ll be trying to just ensure I experience at least a moment of beauty in each day, whether that be cooing over a cute baby, taking a stroll to go buy a fancy coffee or taking the time to properly cleanse my face after a long day at work. These small things may seem trivial on their own, but a collection of calm or precious moments do wonders for my state of wellbeing, I find.

It’s NaNoWriMo, and as ridiculous as it might seem that I’d be willing to take part in such a thing straight after #Blogtober, I’m motivated to give it another go this year. I’ll be playing by my rules, though – working on a novel I’ve already started and just aiming to do at least 15 minutes of writing a day rather than a set word limit. If you’re taking part, get at me on Twitter so we can spur each other on!

A theme that has presented itself to me for this month is sacrifice. I have been thinking a lot about what I want from my life (spoiler: to be a published author) and am realising more and more that in order to achieve that I will need to make certain sacrifices, such as cutting down on socialising – online and irl – and even blogging. I’m determined to compromise where possible instead of altogether stopping stuff, so hopefully I’ll be able to find the willpower to succeed at that.

That’s kind of it for my goals this month. What’ll you be focussing on?

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2 thoughts on “New Moon Intentions | November

  1. I love these monthly intentions posts, but find it so hard to sit and plan monthly intentions for myself. Life has just been full of changes recently! I want to eat healthier (again) I’ve been awful lately, and I need to drink more water, they’re the first steps to feeling better for me!

    I also want to take part in NaNoWriMo! I started planning my first novel over summer and ran out of time to work on it, I’m not sure how I’ll find the time this month but like you said, 15 mins per day could be doable! You’ll have to encourage me too ;)


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