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I love Halloween. It’s fun, spooky and a great opportunity to either transform yourself into something completely creepy and scary for a themed party, or stay in for a horror movie marathon and dish out sweets to kids. As much as I adore the gore and gruesomeness of Halloween, it is unfortunately a time which can be rife with problematic and stigma-perpetuating costumes.

If you’re thinking of dressing up as one of the following for Halloween…

  • Native American
  • Day of the Dead Skull
  • “Asylum” inmate/straight jacket
  • Kidnapped Kim Kardashian

…then don’t, because they’re all hella problematic ideas.

The good news is, it is so easy to not culturally appropriate this Halloween! There are plenty of other options you can consider for your costume, none of which spread misinformation, appropriate someone else’s culture or trigger or offend.

Halloween can also be a time of great waste. No, I’m not talking about the kind of waste that you might encounter trying to force you into a conversation in a club. I’m talking about tacky costume kits only good for one use, face paint kits that will never again see the light of day, disposable props that will end up in landfill. It’s not the worst thing in the world to purchase a zombie bride dress-up kit that you know will never be used again, but have you ever considered skipping the costume altogether and letting your makeup do the talking instead?

There are several Halloween beauty looks that can be created using your everyday makeup essentials. All that is required from you is a little imagination and creativity:

Halloween makeup ideas collage

For example, you could be a creepy doll – equip yourself with black and white eye/lip liners and get to work on outlining a puppet’s mouth, then just add faux freckles, false eyelashes and pile on the blush. Or what about a scary harlequin? I’d use something like OCC’s Pagan lipstick which is good for use on the eyes too, to create a mask and dark, overdrawn lips. You could use a pink lip liner to add hearts, or even draw one outlining your whole face.

Witches are an obvious choice, but why not create an ethereal vibe for your get up? Use liquid eyeliner to draw witchy icons on your forehead and cheeks, or go to town on your contour to chisel out an exaggerated bony face. An alien is another wonderful idea to go with, and offers as much space (teehee) for customisation as the witch does. Browse Pinterest for gorgeous galactic makeup ideas, and put that stash of bright powders and shadows to use.

Other non-problematic ideas for Halloween include pop-art paintings, vampires, zombies, characters from films such as Wednesday and Morticia Addams, and genuine nightmares such as Donald Trump.

What will you be going as this Halloween?

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