The Ultimate Lip Prep Trio ft. LUSH And OCC


I might be enjoying the change in seasons – all those fallen leaves, scented candles and the return of my beloved blanket scarf – but my skin certainly isn’t. I feel like I need to bathe in a pool of coconut oil to continuously soak in some moisture. My face in particular has been suffering; I have dry patches on my cheeks and forehead, and my lips are chapped and sore. Gee, thanks, October.

It’s lip care in particular that will be the subject of today’s post, because I’ve settled on a trio of products which are really working for me in terms of keeping my lips fresh and prepped for the lovely Autumn lipsticks I want to adorn them with. If you also suffer from dry, chapped lips over the colder months, but don’t want that to get in the way of wearing lipstick, read on for my suggestions!



Up until pretty recently, the idea of exfoliating my lips simply hadn’t occurred to me. The jury is out on whether or not you should; our lips are made up of a thin layer of cells which are easily irritated and sensitive, so you should definitely proceed with caution when it comes to scrubbing or brushing them. Personally, I think that exfoliating your lips once or twice a week and/or before applying lipstick (particularly drying liquid-to-matte formulas) is not a cause for concern, so long as you are gentle and stop if you’re noticing any excessive inflammation.

I picked up LUSH’s Bubblegum lip scrub at the end of last year – it’s still going strong, though it reaches its expiry date within the next few months. If you’ve already heard of or used this product, then you’ll know about its signature scent; the candy-sweet bubblegum aroma really adds to the appeal of this product for me (it’s also available in mint, popcorn, sugar plum fairy and, Christmas special, Santa baby flavours). After showering and cleaning my teeth in the morning, I take a fingertip’s worth of product and gently apply it to my lips, scrubbing in soft, circular motions. As tempting as it is to lick the scrub off, I resist as it contains some synthetic ingredients. I wash the scrub away with cool water, apply a small amount of balm, then proceed with prepping my face for makeup.



If I’m going to be applying a matte liquid lipstick (like this Dose of Colors one), it’s important that my lips are fully moisturised beforehand. Lip balms don’t always cut it for me in terms of locking in moisture and providing an even base for lipstick, so when I started to see lip oils popping up, I picked one up from one of my favourite cruelty-free high street beauty brands, GOSH.

This has really been a game-changer for me. I expected it to be too gooey and, well, oily, for me to tolerate but applying a small amount as a base (just enough for the lips to feel well moisturised) really helps to keep matte liquid lipsticks from drying out too much. In the photograph above, you’ll notice that the oil has a yellow tinge to it, but it goes on clear.

Barry M have some flavoured lip oils, too, which seem fun, although I can’t say for sure that they’re vegan.



Another product I simply didn’t used to bother with – lip liner! I associated lip liner quite heavily with the side of 90s fashion we’re choosing to ignore during this recent renaissance, and presumed it was either unnecessary or difficult to apply. I saw the error of my ways when I ordered OCC’s Feathered lip liner; a white liner which can also be used on your eyes (not to be confused with Anti-Feathered, which is a clear liner).

This lip liner goes on smoothly to prevent lipstick from feathering around the edges and provides a frame within which you can apply product with accuracy. I’ve also been loving using Feathered as a secondary base on top of the lip oil to cover my lips entirely; this is especially helpful if you have very highly pigmented lips and want to even out the base so that the colour of your lipstick is that bit brighter. I’ve been doing this recently before applying my LUSH lipstick in Confident, and have noticed a vast improvement in the way the product looks once applied.

So there you have it – my trio of tried and tested lip treats! Do you have any recommendations for prepping your lips in the winter?

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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Lip Prep Trio ft. LUSH And OCC

  1. My lips are so sore and dry and cracked already *wails* I’ve heard different things about lip scrubs, some say they’re unnecessary and the last one I tried I wasn’t sure about (it might have been the one in your post actually but I can’t even remember!) I have never heard of lip oils, and it sounds just what I need! I’ll have to get some! xo

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    1. My lips are also the worst right now! 😱 I’m trying not to use lip scrubs too much atm cos they’re that delicate, but will use a small amount if I want to wear lipstick and it does seem to help take away the dead skin a little. Damn this cold snap!


  2. I can’t believe I went without lipscrub for sooooo long. I have that Lush scrub too and I’m really surprised at how long it’s lasting. Sometimes I use it to just exfoliate too. Will deffo check out this other product, thanks!

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