The Sunday Roundup #1


It’s October 16th! No, I’m not misquoting Mean Girls; I am drawing attention to the fact that we’re halfway through the month, and I am halfway through Blogtober. For anyone who doesn’t know, the idea behind Blogtober is to blog every day throughout October. That’s right, folks – every day. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and has presented plenty of challenges; from running out of ideas to struggling to find time to write and take photos, it’s been a genuinely enjoyable yet testing experience.

As we’re halfway through, I thought I’d share a recap of what I’ve been posting, which blogs I’ve been reading and generally what’s been happening for me this month. How do feel about this being a regular feature? I like the idea of a monthly recap post, perhaps towards the end of the month. If you have any suggestions or feedback for me, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

H O W  I ‘ V E  B E E N

I’ve definitely been swept up in the blogger’s cliche of loving Autumn. From the cooler weather to the beautiful hues of the leaves and the comforting scents of the Yankee candles I spent an arm and a leg on, it’s no surprise I’ve really fallen (wahey!) for this season. Autumn has also intensified my introversion and yearning to nest at home rather a lot. All I’ve craved these past few weeks is endless days on the sofa at home.

W H A T  I  B L O G G E D

| Beauty and skincare

It’s been a pretty review-heavy month so far, especially when it comes to LUSH products! I went a bit nuts for their Halloween releases, picking up some Lord of Misrule bits as well as the adorable Boo bath melt. I also tried out their lipsticks; you can read my mixed thoughts on those here.

It wasn’t a total LUSH-out of a month, though! I’ve also reviewed some products picked up from Love Lula (pst – they have a lot of good offers running; I’d recommend signing up to their newsletter to get those sent straight to you), including face oil from Oils of Heaven! and some wonderful pieces from PHB Ethical Beauty.

| Lifestyle

I hope you’ve been liking my Moon posts recently – it’s something I’ve been really getting into and it’s been a lot of fun to share my love for all things Moon. I shared my October Intentions, as well as some tips on marking the New and Full Moon phases.

I’ve also been taking Blogtober as an opportunity to write more about one of the main themes of my blog: veganism, of course! If you missed my posts on why I went vegan and some of the ways I slip up, you can catch those here and here. I have a few more posts planned at the moment about veganism, including comebacks to frequently asked questions from omnivores. Keep your eyes peeled for that one!

| Food

You know I like to pop a food post in here and there, and this month has been no exception. Back at the start of October, I shared my second What I Eat In A Day post (you can read the first one here). I love putting these posts together and am really glad that they seem to be helping people when it comes to easy vegan meal ideas. I also rustled up a scrumptious and seasonal fruit crumble, because there’s nothing like a warm pudding as the weather starts to get colder, eh?

W H A T  I  R E A D

I’m glad to not be alone in my attempt to succeed at blogging each day this month. The fabulous Tara of Cattitude & Co has been kicking Blogtober’s butt too, with some truly inspiring and hella fun content from periods and sex to stationery, cinema and Halloweenmania. I have also been loving Victoria’s posts over on Viicreative the last two weeks too; if you’re interested in mental health, Feminism and lifestyle, her blog is definitely worth bookmarking.

In my attempts to be more ethically minded when it comes to shopping for clothes, Sophie’s blog, The Private Life Of A Girl, has been really useful. This post in particular on ethically made lingerie has helped me out a lot; I even ended up ordering some new bamboo underwear which I am so far extremely impressed with!

Another blog whose content never ceases to captivate me is Sarah’s, The V Nice Life. Her photography is so on-point and her seasonal content has been a treat to read. If you needed further proof, just check out these spooktacular cupcakes – and don’t miss out on her ridiculously cute Twitter header photo either.


I hope you all enjoyed this roundup post. Should I post more blogs like this going forward? I’d like to add a more personal touch to my blog somehow – perhaps this could be a good way of doing that? Like I said, if you have any feedback, let me know below or drop me a Tweet.

Happy Sunday!

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