How To Celebrate The Full Moon


At the beginning of this month, I talked about how I like to go about setting New Moon intentions. I covered what intentions actually are, and how I get myself into the frame of mind to set them, in the hopes of having a productive, successful month ahead. It only felt right, then, to also bring you in on what I’ve been doing to mark the Full Moon, which typically occurs around 2 weeks later.

I’m still very much a novice when it comes to fully understanding the power that the phases of the Moon can have in our lives. As cynical and atheistic as I am, I have grown a lot spiritually since I first got into Moon magic. Just knowing which phase the Moon is in at a given time strengthens my connection to nature, which in turn makes me feel grounded and calm. At the moment, I mainly mark the New and Full Moons, and am learning more about how the zodiac effects the particular energy of each one. Yasmin Boland’s book, Moonology, is a great place to start if you want to brush up your knowledge in that area.

F U L L  M O O N  T H E M E S

| Release

The main “theme” of the Full Moon phase is release. That is, to release any negative feelings, to let go of toxic relationships or desires; to move on, to emerge. I find this pretty challenging – I tend to overthink things a lot and don’t like goodbyes. However, letting go is a part of self-growth, so with that in mind I’ve been putting extra effort into cutting ties with bad vibes and irreparable friendships. This Full Moon, I’m going to write a Release List to cast negativity out; I’ll likely leave my list next to the window overnight to soak up the Moon’s light. Some other ways to enact your releasing include writing and burning lists, creating altars, working with water and sage smudging.

| Reflection and gratitude

For me, the Full Moon is also a time of reflection. I’ve been reflecting a lot on the emotions that have been unearthed since the New Moon, and on how the intentions I set have panned out. It’s really eye-opening to put such a focus on my feelings; it has made me feel a lot more in tune with myself and what I want and need. I like to loop others into the reflective process, too; I do this by writing a Full Moon Gratitude List including all the people who’ve helped me or from whom I’ve learned something recently.

| Self-love and self-care

I’m not quite sure why, but I have been feeling a strong urge to take care of myself at the time of the Full Moon. It makes sense when you think about it – releasing and reflecting are both energy-sapping, often emotional, activities. To mark today’s Full Moon, I will soak in a hot bath with my favourite bath bomb, take time to relax and enjoy the things I love about my life that bit more – good food, good company and a safe place to call home.

Full Moon rituals don’t need to be huge, witchy ceremonies with stacks of candles and tarot cards scattered everywhere (though they can be, if you want them to be!). They’re just a good opportunity to re-engage with yourself in whichever way makes you feel most relaxed, revitalised and ready to keep striving towards those intentions.

Do you celebrate the Full Moon? Let me know how in the comments!

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