Vegan Beauty | LUSH Lipstick Review


As much as I love their skincare and bath bits, I’d never really paid much attention to LUSH’s makeup range. That all changed at the end of last month, when I popped into my closest store to pick up some bits from their Halloween range. For some reason, LUSH’s lipsticks were calling my name and, heeding their cries for a new home, I bought two in shades Confident and Perspective.

I’m not sure if this post can count as a review – it might be more of a first impression. However, after a couple of wears each (if only around the house) I feel I have gotten a good enough idea of these products to share my initial thoughts with you.


Let’s start with the packaging. I enjoy the uniqueness of the dropper/apothecary style bottle, and love that it is mostly recyclable. That being said, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of product inside, and I couldn’t get on with the applicator. It’s sort of a doe’s foot, but points straight down, rather than slanting at an angle. I managed to get around the design of it, but applying the product could have been easier.

The shades I purchased were Confident (a dark, plummy purple) and Perspective (a dusty pink). Both have a shimmer to them, which isn’t what I’d normally go for. When I swatched it on my hand in the store, Perspective dried to what looked like a matte finish, but this was not the case once it was on my lips; it is way more shimmery than I’d anticipated and doesn’t compliment my skin tone very well. Confident is a gorgeous, vampy shade which I really like, which works for both daytime and evening.

Although the pigmentation of the two lipsticks (Confident especially) impressed me, the consistency was another matter. I have found that the product applies in an uneven and almost gunky manner; I need to take extra care to go over certain areas so it doesn’t look patchy, which is particularly an issue with Confident as it’s a darker shade. In terms of staying power they both all but disappear after eating, though Confident stayed on a little better when I wore it over my Too Faced Lip Primer. I’m OK with lipsticks fading once I’ve eaten so I was happy to reapply after lunch. I experienced some feathering too, but would like to try again using a lip liner*.

*EDIT*1/11/16*Having worn Confident over a white lip liner (OCC’s Feathered, used as a lip base/eraser) I am finding the product applies more smoothly and evenly, and lasts a lot longer. I’d definitely recommend using a white lip liner or a liner in a similar or lighter colour as a base. 


Overall, taking the price* of these lipsticks (£14 each!) into consideration, I was pretty disappointed. Which in itself was disappointing. I wanted to love LUSH’s makeup range as much as I love their skincare and bath bombs. I won’t write off their beauty products altogether though, but for now I may stick to brands I already know and trust when it comes to buying lipstick.

*As a last note, it is worth bearing in mind that these lipsticks can be used as “all-rounder” beauty products – they’re safe for use on the eyes and the rest of the face, too.

Have you tried any of LUSH’s beauty products?

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5 thoughts on “Vegan Beauty | LUSH Lipstick Review

    1. Yeah pretty disappointing! I’m finding them a bit better when applied over a lip liner but on their own they’re not great :( good to hear that their other makeup’s worth trying! xx


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