LUSH Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb And Shower Gel Review


Despite jumping on the seasonal LUSH bandwagon this year, I’d never really bought into their Halloween or Christmas ranges before. Crazy, I know – their themed products are a blogger’s dream come true! I’ve not picked up any winter specials just yet, but I did get my hands on some of their Autumn releases, including the Lord of Misrule shower cream and bath bomb.


I’d heard people rave about the Lord of Misrule scent before and, now that I’ve experienced it for myself, I can totally understand why it’s received such positive reviews. Having always been drawn to LUSH’s more flowery scents – Snow Fairy is a favourite of mine – I had for some reason resisted Lord of Misrule on the grounds of it being more earthy. The blend of patchouli and black pepper oil gives Lord of Misrule its herbal, earthy aroma; it’s a world away from the candy-pink scents of the products I’ve always reached for before, and I was excited to take the plunge and try something different for the Halloween season.


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The Lord of Misrule oversees the pagan Feast of Fools, evoking revelry and mischief. The slime green of the shower cream is perfect for this spooky time of the year; I feel as though I’ve been washing myself in Frankenstein’s blood. Although LUSH’s shower gels and creams are not the cheapest, their main selling point for me (especially when it comes to their seasonal ranges) is that they offer to inject a bit of fun into shower time. The delectable patchouli aroma doesn’t linger very long on my skin but it certainly makes for an enjoyable 20 minutes or so in the morning.

The Lord of Misrule bath bomb, however, is in a whole other league of amazingness. It is without doubt the most fun I’ve had with a bath bomb ever, and I can’t wait to try it again. As it sheds its outermost layer of green, the bomb almost resembles a melting brain, with specs of pink and yellow seeping out in rather a gory manner. Initially, the water was an eerie green and ghastly pink, bubbling here and there like some sort of radioactive swamp.


Then things got really interesting. Completely unexpectedly, I started to hear the bath water fizzing and, eventually, crackling. THERE’S POPPING CANDY IN THIS BATH BOMB. Did you know that? You’d certainly know if you’d read about it on LUSH’s website. But I did not know, and therefore sat in the tub smiling to myself and lowering my ear closer to the water.  It was so fun (mostly, perhaps, because I hadn’t anticipated it) and I will likely be heading back to LUSH in the very near future to stock up on these bath bombs so I can experience it all over again.

In keeping with the gruesome season that is nearly upon us, the Lord of Misrule bath bomb turns the water blood red in its final stage. And that’s what I loved most about this product – it didn’t just bob on the surface for a while before melting away into a mush of different colours. It unfolded in wacky, magical, gory stages, all the while leaving the bath water feeling soft on my skin and the air full of that signature scent.

Have you tried any of the Lord of Misrule products, or anything from LUSH’s Halloween range?

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5 thoughts on “LUSH Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb And Shower Gel Review

  1. Christmas time at Lush is my favourite time! I think I only really buy Lush products over the festive season actually, something I need to remedy…

    Lord of Misrule sounds like something I would really enjoy. I used to be into the sickly sweet scents too, but I’ve noticed my ‘tastes’ have shifted a lot and I pursue more natural scents. Will definitely be checking out the body wash next time I’m in Lush!

    xx Carina


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