Vegan Beauty | An Autumnal Makeup Look ft. Dose Of Colors And e.l.f.


Up until embarrassingly recently, I didn’t really know what constituted as a “seasonal” look. Why couldn’t I rock black all summer, or pastels in winter? What’s all this about jewel-toned makeup, berry lips and the like? These were just a few of the style questions I would ponder, trying not to sweat to death wearing head to toe grey in July, or purple lips in May.

In my heart of hearts, I don’t really care about seasonal trends. What does it matter, really, if you wear a certain colour lipstick or jumper from one month to the next? Breaking the rules is so much more fun. That being said, there is something appealing about neutral, classic colours – taupes, mauves, charcoals, etc.; they flit from season to season never once looking tired on me, and have become some of my favourite tones to work with when it comes to my makeup.


Words can hardly describe how much I adore Dose of Colors’ matte liquid lipstick in Desert Suede. After weeks of uncertainty as I searched for the perfect greige/taupe shade, and hours spent watching swatch videos on YouTube, I decided to take the plunge and ordered a tube off eBay. Dose of Colors is not a brand that is stocked in the UK, so it was far from cheap to get hold of, even on eBay. I also ran the risk of landing a dupe – which is dangerous as well as just plain sad. I will probably not use eBay to purchase makeup again, but it’s worth considering if you have a very keen eye for fakes and don’t mind running the risk.


I mean…just look at it. The formula is velvety and smells divine, like caramel fudge. After exfoliating my lips and applying lip oil, Desert Suede sits comfortably; it is drying, like most matte lipsticks, but looks good. It fades nicely after eating (it survived pizza and ice cream when I wore in on my birthday) and rarely needs reapplying.

Is it autumnal? Does it evoke visions of wintry days? A little, I’d say. It’s cool-toned, and reminds me of dull October skies, and London’s grey aura as it moves towards the end of the year.


On my eyes, I’m wearing the e.l.f. Studio Rose Gold eyeshadow palette which I’d say suits every season. It features a selection of matte and shimmer shades in gorgeous colours, ranging from coppers and golds to mauves and dusty roses. I haven’t nailed down a winning combination of colours just yet but for the moment I’ve been choosing a mauve pink as a transition shade, a darker shimmery black or gold for the crease, and a dusty rose for the lid. The lightest shade works as an inner corner highlight, but I normally go over that with my Tropic Skin Care highlighter (from this lovely palette) for some added shine.

I wasn’t all that impressed with the pigmentation of the shades in this palette when I first tried it out. The staying power, too, struck me as relatively average. I’ve been putting down the e.l.f. eye shadow primer first and applying the shadows with some old brushes I got from The Body Shop, blending periodically with an e.l.f. blending brush. For the price (a steal compared to some of the higher end palettes out there) I think this palette delivers – it offers a wide range of colours and finishes. As long as you put down enough product, you can create some really nice looks, suitable for both day and night.

Are rose gold tones particularly autumnal? They strike me as more appropriate for Spring, but paired with the cool, taupe tone of the Dose of Colors lipstick, the overall look is decidedly fall.

What do you think of this look? Have you tried any Dose of Colors lipsticks?

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