An Autumn Mood Board


I’ve always been drawn to the idea of mood boards; to the idea of creating a collage of images that inspire, comfort or excite. Not only do they seem like a lot of fun to put together (whether physically or digitally), they also seem useful in terms of gathering ideas and expressing oneself creatively. For some reason, though, I’ve never made one. I’d always been unsure of how to make a mood board “properly,” and getting it wrong had put me off trying altogether.

I’d neglected the main rule of art, though – that there is no wrong way to do something. And what would it matter, anyway, if my mood board wasn’t up to the standards of, who, the mood board society? It’s not like the mood board secret service are about to swoop into my living room and arrest me on the grounds of breaking the rules of mood board making. So with all those (slightly ridiculous) thoughts in mind, I decided to start creating mood boards, beginning with an Autumn themed one…

Autumn is such a special season – it’s a time of many changes (in the weather, the colours of the landscape around us, and ourselves). One of the main reasons why I personally treasure it as I do is that it is so fleeting; in south England, at least, it feels like a short-lived transition between summer and winter, which has come and gone in the space of a month and a half. Despite it’s brevity, there are so many feelings and customs associated with Autumn – cosiness, candles, pumpkins and Halloween to name a few. Indeed, there’s a lot to like about this transformative time of the year.

So here is what Autumn means to me, expressed through the images of my not-so-perfect mood board. Hot drinks, blankets, turning leaves, conkers, crisp air, walks in the park, staying indoors with a favourite scented candle lit all day.

What does Autumn mean to you? Do you like putting together mood boards?

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autumn moodboard mood board fall

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