Vegan Eats | Warming Autumn Fruits Crumble


Many of my favourite childhood food memories – is there a word in existence that combines food and nostalgia? – revolve around the delicious, comforting puddings my mum would occasionally make for us: jam tarts with homemade pastry, apple and cinnamon cake, flapjacks and, perhaps my favourite,  a good old fruit crumble.

There’s something about those juxtaposing textures – the soft fruits and the crunchy crumble topping – that speaks to me on a deep level. Spoon a generous helping of custard over the whole thing and you’ve got yourself one very happy Nadia.


Now that I’m done getting all twatty over a dessert, I’d like to share with you my recent (second) attempt at making a crumble of my own. I wanted to use seasonal fruits, and went for apples and blackberries. Full disclaimer: I used a ready-made crumble mix. Hate me if you like, but I overplan my Sundays as it is and picking up a ready-made mix made it possible to whip this up in substantially less time, so I could get back to browsing Twitter on the sofa.


I believe Betty Crocker do a vegan-friendly crumble mix too, but I picked mine up on a recent trip to Marks & Spencer. It’s not somewhere I go often so Stefan and I were honestly like children in a sweetshop discovering a whole host of treats free from animal derived ingredients.

I’m pretty happy with how this crumble turned out – the flavours of the fruits came through and it wasn’t too sweet, and is very yummy served with Alpro’s incredible soy vanilla custard (hot or cold). My oven seems to be a little overzealous and the crumble has nearly burned both times I’ve made this, so next time I will probably check on it after 25 minutes. All in all, it takes under an hour to prepare and make, and provides around 6 servings.

Let me know if you’ve made a nice crumble recently – Tweet me your pics or comment below!


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