Vegan Skincare | LUSH Boo Bath Melt Review


It’s that season again, folks! That time of the year when bloggers, Lushies and bath enthusiasts everywhere work themselves up into a frenzy of excitement and anticipation as LUSH prepare to release their Halloween and Christmas ranges. I was eager to jump on the bandwagon, and wanted an excuse to give myself time for more self-care baths, so I went along to my local LUSH on the day they released their Halloween goodies to pick up a few treats.


One such item was the Boo bath melt, which I popped into my basket without hesitation. As alternatives to the usual bath bombs, I’d never tried one of LUSH’s bath melts, so figured this cute lil ghost-shaped one would be perfect to start with. With organic cocoa butter and ginger oil, I expected to feel cleansed and moisturised after a dip with this ghoulish melt, and I was not disappointed.

The scent was far subtler than I’d imagined, but I think I was only surprised by this because LUSH’s products do tend to be so strong smelling. Boo crumbled away softly in my fingers as I held him in the bath, leaving the water creamy and white like an eerie mist on a lake. Spooky indeed!


I emerged from my bath with soft, nourished skin – Boo was a real treat to use. The freshness and uniqueness of their products certainly justifies the price of LUSH’s products most of the time, but at £3.50 a pop, I’m not sure bath melts are really a luxury I can afford all too often. They just don’t feel as worth it as bath bombs in terms of the experience, but I can see them being nice for a change time to time.

Have you tried Boo, or any of LUSH’s Halloween range?

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8 thoughts on “Vegan Skincare | LUSH Boo Bath Melt Review

  1. I buy Lush products VERY rarely but when I do get bath melts I usually cut them up so I can get 2-3 uses out of them and that works a treat for me making them go a bit further. It just seems a shame to slice up a cute little ghosts!

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