Vegan Eats | What I Eat In A Day #2


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’ve never had as much fun with food as I have since going vegan. As an omnivore and even while I was vegetarian, I think I just wasn’t really paying enough attention to what was on the plate in front of me; cutting out certain ingredients (especially ones which seem to be in everything *cough* milk *cough*) has forced me to focus on what I consume and figure out alternatives. Doing so has filled me with a new-found love for food and has given me a boost both mentally and physically. Hurray!

For anyone considering cutting down on animal products, or fully adopting a plant-based or vegan diet, the cost and availability of food can be a concern. But guess what? Being vegan is basically eating everything you already eat, except meat, dairy, eggs and honey. While some speciality products can be a little more expensive, everyday items such as tinned and dried beans, vegetables, fruits, frozen goods, non-dairy milks, etc. are just as affordable as foods containing animal derivatives, and normally just as easy to get hold of.

So, in the interest of proving just how easy and enjoyable eating vegan can be, I’ve put together another What I Eat In A Day post for your reading pleasure. Bon appétit!

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Porridge is a favourite breakfast of mine all year round, but it is particularly delicious during the colder months. There’s just something so comforting and warming about its simplicity. We usually make a batch for 2 at the weekend, adding 250 ml of water and 300 ml of non-dairy milk to a pan with 10 tbsp of oats. It’s so quick and easy to whip up. And the toppings! There are so many options! I usually opt for raspberry jam and chia seeds, or golden syrup; on this day, though, I went for lots of cinnamon, some ground almonds, chia seeds and agave syrup.


Mid-morning, I put on the kettle and had a peppermint tea. Aside from my usual coffee, I love a good peppermint tea to perk me up and keep my digestion going. As a snack, I had some ginger nuts – just one of the many wonderfully vegan biscuits you can get on the high street (Rich Teas, Bourbons and of course Oreos are other favourites).



I’ve been pretty into making sandwiches recently…or eating them, at least (shout out to my kickass boyfriend’s kitchen skills). I know the jury’s out on Violife but, as arguably the most readily available vegan cheese out there, I think it’s well worth a try and is a yummy cow’s cheese alternative. On this day, I had a lightly toasted sandwich with Violife, cucumber and spring onions and a dash of Mango and Sweet Chilli sauce picked up recently at Marks and Spencer. It really hit the spot, and seemed all the more delicious for having been cut into triangles.



I enjoy cooking, but don’t usually have the energy to make anything special during the working week. At the weekend, though, rustling up something a little out of the ordinary can be really fun. On this occasion, we decided to make the token vegan main of token vegan mains: risotto. As much as it makes me bristle to see it listed as the only thing I can eat in a restaurant, I do love a good risotto. Cooking arborio rice in white wine (Co op stock some vegan friendly ones, yay!) and stock water, we added some fried mushrooms and basil, throwing in a tin of garden peas at the end. Delicious.

If you’re already eating a meat-free diet, I hope at the very least that I’ve given you some ideas for today’s meals. If you’re an omnivore, I hope this post shows how easy and rewarding vegan eating can be.

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9 thoughts on “Vegan Eats | What I Eat In A Day #2

  1. I’ve been loving these types of posts recently – they’re so helpful! And I have to admit, it’s only been a month or so since I decided to cut out meat and dairy and I’m already bored of seeing that risotto’s the only option on the menu haha! xx


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    1. Glad they’re helping, I love them too! Congrats on cutting out dairy and meat, hope it’s going well. I know…it’s so lame when risotto is the only option, and even then it can often have cheese in it. Restaurants should be more adventurous xx


    1. Thanks Hayley! Yeah that’s exactly how I feel too! I think it’s because you have to research things more and try new ingredients – it inevitably becomes funner xx


  2. I was the same when I went vegan, I’ve become a much better cook too! I can actually cook things from scratch, unlike before when it all came in packets and jars :P Violife cheese is amaaaazing, but its best when melted! For days when I’m too tired (most days now haha) I have a stock of vegan things in the freezer, like cheap and nice veggie burgers, potato waffles, chips, Fry’s vegan nuggets. All so so tasty and easy :D

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    1. I need to try melting Violife more often! I think I tried to make cheese and toast with it once and it didn’t really work that well…will try again! I’ve been getting through loads of it recently…

      Good tip about having stuff in the freezer. I try to always keep stocked up on sausages (have been loving the Fry’s ones recently) but burgers are also a good call for an easy meal. Who ever said vegan food was boring eh? :)


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