Vegan Skincare | Some Treats From PHB Ethical Beauty


When it comes to smaller, natural beauty brands, I often find myself spoilt for choice in terms of quality. Independent companies put such attention and effort into their products, I find; making sure each ingredient has its purpose, and priding themselves on their credentials. PHB Ethical Beauty is one such brand and, having wanted to try something from them for some time, I was excited to find them available through the Love Lula website, where I hastily placed an order.

With an extensive range of products – including men’s care, bath and body, makeup and even a scent-free section – PHB Ethical Beauty is a great choice for anyone looking to use more natural skincare. Not only do they use no parabens, animal ingredients, palm oil or chemicals, their products are also handmade in the UK with a percentage of their profits going to charity. If ever there was a company whose cruelty-free credentials I am sold on, this would be it!


I picked up two products I’d been needing for a while – a body butter and a foot scrub. The Brightening Body Butter with Neroli & Ylang Ylang* is one of several body butters available; I was drawn to this one in particular due to my love of the Neroli scent. Likewise, the Foot Scrub Bar with Dead Sea Salt & Orange* ticked my boxes in terms of aroma. I’d been running low on Superdrug’s own body butter for a while, and had tried a foot soap from LUSH which had disintegrated into a mess pretty quickly, so it was certainly high time to replace them both.

As part of my bath routine, I’ve been taking time to use the foot scrub on the areas of my feet which are typically a little dry: the heels, balls and big toes. The bar is sturdy and a good size to hold in one hand comfortably. The Dead Sea salt does an excellent job of exfoliating (take that, microbeads!) and after a few circular scrubs my feet feel soft and fresh. I’d recommend using this scrub regularly to maintain smoother skin, and ensuring you moisturise after bathing or showering.


The body butter (which I’ve been using after the aforementioned baths, as well as daily following my morning shower) is a rather thick, clotted consistency. It is luxuriously rich, yet very absorbent, sinking into my skin after a few moments of gentle massage. Although it may feel a little clumpy when you have it in your hand, once it’s on the skin it glides evenly and easily. I use it on my feet and legs and find that my skin is still soft at the end of the day.

In researching PHB’s environmental credentials, I was happy to find that their packaging is almost all recyclable (I’m not sure what, if any, exceptions there are, but their website does state “much” of the packaging can be recycled). I’d be tempted to keep the jar my body butter came in, but am reassured to know that it is all – aluminium included – recyclable. The foot scrub came in a lovely, very sturdy card box too, which I will either reuse or recycle. Hurray for caring about the planet!

I am really impressed with PHB Ethical Beauty in terms of their product range and the transparency they operate with. There’s nothing I love more than a brand who are cruelty-free and proud, who shout about their vegan certified status from the rooftops and champion the use of organic, natural ingredients in their products.

Have you tried any products from PHB Ethical Beauty?

*I was sent this product to review, and have given nothing but my honest opinion!

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