Mallow + White Soothe Face Mask Review

Mallow + White Soothe Face Mask

I don’t use face masks nearly as often as I’d like to. It comes down to not giving myself enough time to relax, which is definitely something I should work on. Hopefully now that the seasons are changing, my inner hermit will emerge and gift me with plenty of cosy nights in, to be spent pampering myself with long soaks in the bath and calming, revitalising face skin treatments.

During my recent search for a new face mask to try, Mallow + White caught my attention for all the right reasons – their products are made in the UK, using simple, natural ingredients to reduce the risk of irritation. Their range is also completely free of animal products and is “tested on friends, not animals.” I found them listed in Love Lula’s handy Vegan section, and could rest assured that they would fit my criteria. So into my virtual basket popped their Soothe Face Mask*.

face mask on marble table

Mallow + White’s claim to pair luxury and simplicity is exemplified by this product. The packaging is simple but sleek, with a very cute, handwritten sticker on the underside indicating the batch it is from, signed “Made with <3.” This is the first face mask I’ve tried which comes in the form of a powder which you mix with water, and it is clear from the instructions that a little goes a long way. Just one teaspoon of powder combined with one teaspoon of water is enough to generously coat your face, avoiding the eye, nose and mouth area. Don’t be tempted to add more powder in like I did the first time I used this; one teaspoon is more than enough!

The powder smells divine – a candy-like scent, sweet yet subtle, the marshmallow root powder presumably the overriding aroma. For those of you who are sensitive to smells, I wouldn’t say that the scent of this product is particularly overbearing, especially once it’s on your skin.

powder face mask

In the past, face masks have tended to very quickly become uncomfortable, feeling tight and dry. But Mallow+White’s offering lives up to it’s “Soothe” credentials; although I don’t believe my skin to be extremely sensitive, this face mask (which is specifically intended for sensitive skin) is very gentle, and I can’t imagine it causing any irritation.

After a luxurious 10 minutes or so, I delicately remove the mask with a warm, wet muslin cloth. The product comes away cleanly and without me having to rub at my skin too roughly, which I have had to do with other face masks previously. Depending on how long you leave the mask on for, and the sensitivity of your skin, you may notice some redness, but it was minimal in my case – instead, my face was left feeling fresh and soft.

Although the product is easy to mix (I combine the powder and water in an old LUSH tub I’ve been saving) this method may not suit everyone; I wouldn’t say it’s messy, but it does require a smidgen more effort than ready-made face masks. My only other concern would be the price – at £24, this is more than I would normally pay for a face mask. That being said, its higher price point makes it more of a once-in-a-while treat, and it would certainly make a lovely present.

In terms of quality, cruelty-free credentials and effectiveness, I am sold on Mallow + White. Next, I’d like to follow up their face mask with the facial oil for sensitive skin, also from the Soothe range.

*I was sent this product to review, and have given nothing but my honest opinion!

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4 thoughts on “Mallow + White Soothe Face Mask Review

    1. It’s really nice for a change! And I feel like it’ll last longer because it won’t go all weird, like liquid masks sometimes too. We’ll see! I’d definitely recommend it though xx


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