New Moon Intentions | September


Intentions are goals that you set during the New Moon phase, which typically falls at the beginning of each month. Over the next two weeks, you bear those intentions in mind and start working on them, letting them really come to fruition by the time the Moon is Full.

As much as I love summer – light evenings, al fresco drinking, sun kissed skin, etc. – I am equally pleased when autumn rolls around. For many, it carries with it a feeling of starting afresh, and signals a new chapter of creativity and productivity. Throw in Halloween, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (vegan ones, please!) and the LUSH seasonal range and you’ve got yourself a pretty perfect picnic.

I Am Very Busy Bando planner diary

It’s no wonder we feel more inspired and motivated as the warmer months draw to a close. September’s New Moon was in Virgo, which means we yearn for organisation and routine; we’re used to this from our schooldays, too – hands up who still loves picking up some new stationery around this time of the year?

In August, I resolved to focus my energies into planning my novel and other writing projects. For some reason, I struggle to be honest with myself when it comes to my ideas, and have difficulty writing down exactly what will happen in a story (if there are any other writers out there who have similar issues, I’d love to hear how you deal!). Thankfully, I did give myself some time to hash out the plot of my novel a little more, and am ready to get going with writing it again.

I also set the intention of spending time reflecting on what I learned during therapy. This is something I feel like I did – I wrote things down, and spoke to some lovely friends who share similar experiences – but it’s an ongoing journey which I will continue to put my time into for as long as it takes.

This month, following steps from a new book I’m reading – Moonology, by Yasmin Boland – I set 10 intentions on the day of the New Moon. I won’t share them all with you, but here are a few of the main ones:

| To accept and celebrate small signs of progress

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is the fact that if you struggle with a mental illness or disorder, anything less than being completely “cured” can feel like failure. For example, I’m pretty bad at measuring my own progress when it comes to anxiety because if I feel any anxiety at all, I can’t register any small successes in a positive way. It has been hard (and something I may write about at more length some other time) but I am finally accepting that my issues with anxiety will probably be around for a while to come, and instead of expecting to be “cured,” I need to start accepting that even the smallest improvement is progress.

| To live life at a slower, calmer pace

Having a lot going on stresses me out. I often long for stretches of time that could be spent at home, doing something creative, with hours and hours ahead of me. But in reality, work and social commitments aren’t really going anywhere, so I need to find ways to take it easy amid the chaos. It hurts, but I’ve started getting up earlier in the mornings so I have time to jump off the tube a stop early, go for a coffee and take a leisurely walk to the office. There’s something very relaxing and comforting in the sounds, sights and rhythm of the day getting started around me. I’ve even found enough time on a few mornings to do some writing before work!

| To have more faith in myself

Self doubt is real, yo. It doesn’t matter how many times someone tells me I’m good at something, I still don’t really believe that I am. This month, I’m going to make an extra effort to remember the compliments I’ve received that have made me feel proud of something I’ve done, in the hope that a boost in confidence will bring me more opportunities to shine.

That’s it for this month! May your September be filled with the crunchiest of leaves, the cosiest of rainy days and the pumpkiniest of pumpkin related foods!

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7 thoughts on “New Moon Intentions | September

  1. I love these intentions, and I’ve not heard of the idea of intentions but they really speak to me.
    I, too, focus on writing around this time. I find it hard to get my ideas down but talking it through and visualising to music really helps me.
    Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Victoria! That’s interesting – I should try to talk through my ideas more. I find it hard to share what I’m writing as I get embarrassed but I suppose I could even try talking it through to myself :) Hope your writing’s going well x


    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, Jen! It can be so hard to have faith in yourself. When you’re feeling doubtful, I’d recommend trying to think of at least one encouraging or nice thing someone has said about you, or a time when you were proud of something you did. Hopefully we’ll both get better at this soon! x


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