Vegan Beauty | OCC Lip Tars! Swatches And First Impressions


Without getting too deep into things, there is a certain popular liquid lipstick brand whose products we all adore, but whose creator is regrettably a problematic mess, riddled with controversies that won’t just conveniently disappear. Being devoted consumers of cruelty-free cosmetics,  we are no strangers to adapting in the cruelty-free community, and in this spirit I’d like to showcase one of my favourite alternative brands, who have a clean bill of health when it comes to their ethics – OCC.



OCC is an 100% vegan and cruelty-free US brand, which offers a wide range of products including nail lacquers and concealers. They are perhaps most popular (at least this side of the pond) for their Lip Tars – an extensive offering of liquid lipsticks in numerous wacky and wearable shades and finishes. OCC Lip Tars are available in the UK on Beauty Bay and Cocktail Cosmetics and come in at a very reasonable price given the quality and long-lastingness of the product, which I shall discuss further in this post.

Now, these are not exactly liquid to matte lipsticks, so if you’re expecting them to work as replacements for the products from the aforementioned problematic brand, I would bear that in mind. Instead, the Lip Tars have a semi-matte, metallic, glossy finish, depending on which one you pick out (Cocktail Cosmetics’ website lists the finishes of some lip tars, depending on the collection).

My budding collection currently comprises of Sebastian, Pagan and Lydia. And I am in love, guys, in love. Let’s start with the formula – smooth, not sticky, gliding on with the doe-foot applicator. The colours are highly pigmented and beautifully original, as well as suitable for most skin tones (their full range truly has something for everyone, in my opinion). The products contains peppermint oil, which gives it a gorgeous scent and taste. To prevent feathering and fade, I prep my lips with a lip scrub first, before applying lip oil or primer, and OCC’s Feathered white lip liner.

Sebastian is a very light, cool plum-toned taupe – a tricky colour to pull off, but I adore it nonetheless. This is a shade which would probably not compliment pale skin tones, and I am pretty pale, but it’s still the witchy lip of my dreams. I’m yet to wear it out on its own, but have been mixing it with a darker shade for a more wearable colour.

I burn, I pine, I perish. Thus is the effect that Pagan has on me. Should every lipstick aficionado own a black? I think so. Black lipsticks suit basically everyone, as far as I’m concerned, regardless of skin tone or style. Pagan is actually a blackened purple – not as harsh and flat as a black, instead with a deep berry vibe. I can’t wait to play with Pagan in the winter.

Lydia is arguably the most wearable shade out of my mini-collection. It’s described as a “darkroom plum,” and is a mauvy pink. Lydia stands up to most food and lasts all day with minimal need for reapplication. I have been reaching for this shade rather a lot over these last few weeks, as it works well with my warmer summer complexion, but would look equally good in the autumn.


This isn’t the end of my OCC collection – I’ve my beady eye on Stud, Indrid, Strange and Unusual (please become available in the UK soon!) and Disintegration, for starters. OCC offer such a broad range of playful, unique colours that there is no end to the choice. I am excited to see what their future collections will offer!

Have you tried any OCC lip tars of products?

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6 thoughts on “Vegan Beauty | OCC Lip Tars! Swatches And First Impressions

  1. You wouldn’t happen to be talking about a certain racist J Star now would you? :P I never tried his products, then I soon realised how ignorant and selfish he was! I follow OCC on insta, honestly I was a bit put off by the name at first ‘obsessive compulsive’ but the owner said it was because they had been diagnosed with OCD and it was their way of dealing with it. I guess everyone deals in different ways, it still bothers me a bit, having an illness related to OCD myself.

    I haven’t tried anything yet but after reading this good review I will keep them in mind if I ever want a new lippy! :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, definitely referring to the hot mess that is JS :D I’ve also never personally tried any of his products, but I’ve started to really resent the fact that people still support his business even though he has more than showed his true colours.

      I know what you mean about OCC’s name, I’m sure a lot of people share your feelings about it. My own experiences with OCD also make me feel a bit uncertain about it but it’s good to know that there was some thought behind it from the owner’s perspective I guess.

      If you like liquid lipsticks I think Dose of Colors is a good brand to try too, and apparently Colorpop and NYX have a good range ;)


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