August | Monthly Intentions


Intentions are goals that you set during the New Moon phase, which falls at the beginning of each month. Over the next two weeks, you bear those intentions in mind and start working on them, letting them really come to fruition by the time the Moon is Full.

I feel like I always start these posts with a critique of the weather. It’s cliched, but with reason; it’s hard not to discuss it when everyone else is, and when the summer is turning out to be such a let down. I have, however, been trying to just accept the weather for what it is, come rain or shine (or wind, or hail, etc.).

To start off with a little retrospective: July was a really good month for me. It’s my birth-month, which is always a good excuse to do something fun, and I felt a lot more at peace with myself than I did in June. Keeping last month’s Intentions in mind, I managed to make some positive adjustments which made for a healthy, happy month. I read White Oleander, which I absolutely adored and can’t stop thinking about; reading is something I wanted to do more of to aid relaxation. I have also never been happier at work (moving to a new office, free of the last one’s neggy vibes helped loads) and made more progress with my writing. Cheers, July, you were a dream.


In August, I want to carry on in the same vein, but am finding myself feeling more creatively charged and am hoping I can put some plans down that will take shape throughout the month:

| Plan, plan and plan

I like planning – almost to a fault. While I do have a tendency to use planning as a way to procrastinate, it is still an important part of creating something. This month I want to really get to grips with the plot of my novel. Most of the time, I hardly know what it’s about or how it will end, which doesn’t bode well. Once I have a clearer idea of the novel’s plot line, I will be able to have more fun writing it.

I’d also like to list and organise my other writing projects – short stories, blog posts, etc. Does anyone else love the ideas stage of a project but suck at the execution part? That’s me all over, but I’m trying to get better.

| Reflect and move forward

I’m nearing the end of 12 sessions of therapy, which I undertook in June initially, to help me more effectively deal with travel anxiety. It has been a lot harder than I thought it would be (I’m a bit of a therapy veteran) but has been very, very helpful. I’m feeling very positive about drawing my sessions to a close and am looking forward to reflecting on what I’ve learned.

That’s pretty much it for August! What’ll you be up to this month?

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9 thoughts on “August | Monthly Intentions

  1. I am absolutely stuck in the ideas and can rarely execute them! I’m struggling so much at the mo with that, at least it’s not just me I suppose! The weather really doesn’t help, it makes me feel pretty miserable. Love the idea of a monthly intentions post. I might use it for journaling :)

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    1. Thanks Amber! I’m really getting into the intention setting atm. I want to try journalling too!

      I find it easy to get stuck planning things cos it feels like I’m being productive when really I’m just procrastinating :( We shouldn’t give ourselves too hard a time though…anything is better than nothing I guess x


  2. I actually had to read White Oleander as part of my uni course! I *think* that I’ve seen the film too, so if you liked the book it might be worth a watch for you! I really hope your therapy goes well. I use planning to procrastinate too haha, so I might have to try to use planning time more productively this month as well!

    Steph –

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    1. Thanks Steph :) I’m glad to hear that the book is being taught academically, it’s so well written and covers some interesting topics! I actually recently re-watched the film (I first saw it yeaaars ago and forgot most of what happened)…I liked it but felt that the book has so many aspects to it that it was hard to fit them all into a feature-length movie.

      Hope your month is going well and you’ve been able to use the time productively :)


  3. August is my birthday month so have a fun trip planned and got some nice things planned with family and friends. Hope it’s a good month for both of us 😀

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