July | Monthly Intentions

July monthly intentions

Intentions are goals that you set during the New Moon phase, which falls at the beginning of each month. Over the next two weeks, you bear those intentions in mind and start working on them, letting them really come to fruition by the time the Moon is Full.

Whoops – another unplanned blogging break. Hope you all can forgive me, although I’ve seen many bloggers talk about how beneficial taking a break can be, so I won’t feel too bad about it.

Before I go any further, I will preface this post with a mild content warning for anxiety and related MH struggles as I’ll be going into not-too-deep detail about the month just gone, which was a little testing on my mental health.

july intentions 1

With the New Moon looming and a new month beginning, I’m feeling ready to start afresh and put what was a bit of a wobbly month behind me. I had a lot on in June – a trip to Edinburgh with my wonderful writing babes, and then a weeklong jaunt in Kefalonia for some much needed sun, sand and sea. On paper, to many, those sound like rather exciting plans; unfortunately for me, though, travelling is the main trigger of my anxiety, and having two trips away pencilled in so close together turned out to be a recipe for disaster. I entered into a period of high stress, which set my unhealthy thinking patterns off, and struggled to get through the trips and enjoy them as much as I would have liked.

That being said and, true to the nature of retrospection, I did have a good time on both my holidays. It’s hard to focus on the negatives for too long, because my struggles in June also filled me with love and gratitude as I was lucky enough to be in the company of helpful, understanding friends who were there to listen and offer support. I truly appreciate their kindness and am proud of myself for voicing my feelings.

With June firmly behind me, and the political shit show of present notwithstanding, I’m feeling a lot more optimistic about July. For starters, it’s my birthday month – yay! I turn 27 on Sunday and am trying not to fall into the expected cliche of freaking out about growing “old.” I also have minimal to no real plans this month, which makes me feel good.

My main intentions, what I will be focusing my energies into, are as follows:

| Relax, relax, relax

I feel like I say this every month, but I really need to work on prioritising self-care. I go through periods of being very good at disconnecting and relaxing, but it’s not usually long before I slip back into bad habits of too much technology and wasting time scrolling social feeds mindlessly when I could have been reading or writing. One thing I love about being on holiday is that I read so much more (I read two whole books while we were in Kefalonia, having just finished one on the train back from Edinburgh). I struggle to make time to read at home but this month I pledge to change this.

| Be at peace and be less stressed

I have always found unfairness hard to deal with (I’m talking on a more mundane level, rather than about world hunger and animal cruelty, for example!). It’s led to me taking on a lot of dramas that don’t directly affect me and really feeling injustice of it all – not ideal in most working environments, to give just one example. This month, I’m going to try to focus on the benefits of my current lifestyle, rather than what could be different or improved, and maximise my free time to channel energy into my writing projects.

What will you be up to in July? Let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “July | Monthly Intentions

  1. Travelling with anxiety is just the worst , it really sucks :-( I’ve been to some beautiful places and not been able to enjoy myself because of anxiety and my inner turmoil. A trip to Mauritius last year and the accompanying 12.5 hour flights ruined me. It’s one of those things people only really understand once you’ve experienced. I once had someone act surprised that my holiday and seeing some sunshine didn’t cure me of my mental health issues! If only it was that simple. And like you I need to put more effort into practising self care and switching off from everything. I’ve recently started a regular restorative yoga class which has been amazing for my mind. I really hope you had a lovely birthday and here’s to a calmer and happier July! X

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    1. I totally agree with how misunderstood travel anxiety is! I’ve had the “sun cure” comments before too, and a lot of the time people automatically presume it’s mostly a fear of flying (which is def part of it, and that makes it even harder to explain properly!). It’s really upsetting and frustrating to be somewhere beautiful but feel so out of place. Restorative yoga sounds amazing – I took a class once through work and really enjoyed it, the calmer pace compared to normal yoga classes is really relaxing. Birthday was lovely and – horrible state of global affairs aside! – July is going well :) Hope you’re having a good month too, Sarah xx


  2. I’ve been on more unplanned breaks than I can count, sometimes a rest and regather is best for good mental health. I’m glad you are focusing on self-care, it’s very important and something I have been focusing on this year. This month I am looking forward to my birthday, vegfest and my first holiday from work since December, hopefully it’s a great month and the sun finally comes back :)

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    1. It’s your birthday this month too! Summer birthdays are great, hope the sun comes out for us both 😊 I agree, it’s really important to put caring for ourselves first sometimes, otherwise we just end up burned out. That’s cool you’re going to Vegfest. Enjoy the much-deserved break from work!

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