Vegan Skincare | Bedside Beauty Essentials

flat lay of plant and wooden tray on a marble table top

This may be a little weird to admit but I don’t have a bedside table. I used to have one – it was a rather bulky wooden addition to our bed, screwed onto its side. I liked it (although it had a tendency to detach itself if its drawer became overloaded) but it took up too much space so I recently decided to replace it with a simple copper tray on the ground, accompanied by a floor lamp.

My nighttime beauty routine is very basic, mainly because all I want to do by that time is to flop into bed. Am I the only person who loathes having to take their makeup off at the end of the day? If there was one thing I could click my fingers to fast forward, that would probably be it.

By the time I’m in bed, I like to spend around an hour relaxing, readying myself for a good night’s sleep. How I spend that time varies from day to day; one night I might read a book, the next might be spent catching up on my YouTube subscriptions or listening to ASMR videos. What’s for certain, though, is that I’ll perform a little skin care ritual, using the following two products, to prep myself for slumber.

| LUSH Love And Light Hand Cream

beauty products on a light wooden tray on a marble table top

I popped into LUSH on my lunch break recently, and emerged with a new hand cream to keep by my bedside. There is something so relaxing and self-caring about slowly, lovingly massaging a luxurious cream into one’s hands at the end of a long day, and the delicious, orangey scent of Love and Light Hand Cream really adds to that feeling. Accordingly to the ingredients description, the Neroli Oil used in this product is the only essential oil known to increase the production of serotonin in the brain. Definitely worth a shot for that reason alone, if you ask me.

hand cream product on a marble table

The assistant who served me at LUSH described this hand cream as perfect if your hands aren’t super dry. It’s true, I don’t feel like I have baby’s fingers after using this cream but the jojoba oil and cocoa butter certainly leave my hands feeling very soft and smelling divine.

| Hurraw Coconut Lip Balm

lip balm product in a gold shell tray on a wooden tray on a marble table

I actually picked this product up a while back, when I visited Brighton in November. I like to have two lip balms on the go at all times – one for my handbag, to have on me wherever I go, and another by my bedside for use just before sleep. My lips tend to get very dry, especially over the winter months, so this really is a treat to put on at night. Moisturising without being too oily, with a subtle coconut taste, you need only a small amount of this lip balm to leave your lips smooth and soft.

Taking some time to apply these two products before bed really helps set the scene for a relaxing evening for me. What are your bedtime beauty rituals?

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