June | Hopes And Goals


Taking a quick glance at the dull, grey skies, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re in the depths of winter. But no, my friends. British summertime is here, and the sooner we learn to accept its quirks, the more at peace we will be with it. Doesn’t stop me from silently cursing Mother Nature for whipping another chill around my ambitiously bare legs, though…

I have a few exciting (and scary) things happening this month. At the end of next week, I am heading to Edinburgh with my wonderful writing friends for Grrrl Con – a writing extravaganza celebrating work by women in particular. I can’t wait to attend the very interesting-sounding seminars I have booked into, as well as to explore the Scottish capital for the very first time (if you have any recommendations for fun things to do and sweet vegan eateries, please let me know!).

With little more than a week to recover, I will be heading off again – to Kefalonia, with Stefan. I feel so at one with the world when I’m by the beach; swimming in the sea, listening to the waves, soaking up the sun (with plenty of protection!). It will be lovely to spend a week taking it slow with a few good books and some good food. I’ll have some scheduled posts going up across the month, so you won’t miss me too much!

All these plans, predictably, trigger my anxiety, setting my mind off thinking about the worst case scenarios. What if I’m so anxious I can’t eat while I’m away? What if there’s turbulence, or the plane crashes? As anyone who deals with anxiety will know, it can be very upsetting and debilitating. I spent last month working hard to address my anxiety issues more closely, and arming myself with practical steps to take in the event of an episode, in preparation for my upcoming trips. At the moment, I am feeling ready to take on my fears and embrace (yes, embrace) any feelings of anxiety that might come along. I hope I stay feeling this way.

This month, I won’t be setting any goals as it’s H O L I D A Y month. It being mid-year, I am reflecting on the goals that I set back in January and may explore these meditations further in a round-up post of some sort.

I’m also thinking of switching up the format of my monthly Hopes And Goals posts. Recently, I have gotten a lot more interested in mapping my intentions out at the time of the new moon, before setting those intentions into action during the full moon a few weeks later. I might start setting out these posts as “monthly intention” style posts, with a little more info on the ritual aspect of planning your life in this way. If you have any thoughts on that, let me know down below.

What are you up to this month? Any summer escapes planned?

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