Natural Tanning With Tropic Skin Care | Sun Drops Review

flat lay of Tropic Skin Care products on a marble table top

I’ve long had a conflicted relationship with tanning. In my teenage years, I would spend whole days lazing in the park during summer, neglecting to properly protect my skin and paying for it afterwards. As I’ve learned more about the dangers of exposure to the sun, I’ve questioned my desire to be tanned, and have developed a healthier approach. 

Ultimately, many of us like a glow to our skin, especially during the warmer months, and the best – and safest – way to achieve that is with fake tanning products.

But are the high street solutions really all that better for your skin than controlled exposure to the sun? What about those pesky parabens and other harmful ingredients? Surely, a natural alternative would be favourable. So, when Tropic Skin Care got in touch to see if I wanted to sample their newly released Sun Drops gradual tanning facial serum*, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes.

skincare products in colourful packaging atop a wooden board on a marble table with a plant

Certified by both The Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International, Tropic Skin Care are open about their animal and planet friendly values, which makes browsing and choosing from their products a breeze, as you’re guaranteed that none of them will include animal derived ingredients. Their products, manufactured in their Surrey, UK Beauty Kitchen, come in minimal, recyclable packaging. Their commitment to non-toxic ingredients perfectly compliments my desire to move towards more natural alternatives, so I started using the Sun Drops with confidence.

skin care product with pipette on a wooden board atop a marble table with plant pots in the background

As per the brand’s instructions, I have been mixing two drops with their award-winning Skin Revive Nourishing Cream Concentrate moisturiser*, which they also kindly sent along. The Sun Drops come in a gorgeous little bottle with an easy-to-use pipette to dispense just the right amount. The moisturiser has a pump, again ensuring that the correct quantity of product is used. I mix the two together on the back of my hand, creating a lovely, creamy consistency. The caramel extracts add an instant tanned hue, and the mixture applies very easily to my face and neck, maintaining all the moisture from the Cream Concentrate.

I wouldn’t normally review a product so soon after trying it, but I have already seen a difference in my complexion, and have even received compliments regarding my sun-kissed glow. I have always been wary applying facial self tanners in the past, as you can easily end up with orange baby hairs and a patchy skin tone. But knowing that Tropic Skin Care’s Sun Drops are designed to gradually build a subtle, natural glow has given me the confidence to apply it without fear.

The main “Hero Ingredient” of Sun Drops is one that I had not heard of before. Plant allo-melanin reacts with the skin to create a subtle, natural, temporary tan. The Vitamin C in the product’s passion fruit extracts also works to add radiance to the skin, and the coconut water adds hydration. Naturally derived DHA, common in most self tanners, is also listed as an ingredient; after some thorough research, I am satisfied that there is no hard evidence of this being harmful when used on the skin.

flat lay of Tropic Skin Care products on a wooden slate atop a marble table with a plant nearby

And what about that strange, biscuity scent that many self tanning products can carry? With Sun Drops it is minimal if non-existent. Instead, you get a delicious, tropical aroma from the product, which dissipates once it is on your skin. I’ve also found that combining Sun Drops with the Skin Revive Nourishing Cream Concentrate moisturiser has worked wonderfully as a base for my makeup.

It’s a dinky little bottle but, using 2-3 drops every other day or so, I can see Sun Drops lasting for the summer months at least. I have so often ended up wasting self tanning products when they come in larger quantities, and given that the natural goodness of this particular product is best used fresh (all Tropic Skin Care products carry Best Before dates) I am happy in the knowledge that I will be getting the most out of it.

NB: Don’t forget that self tanning products do not offer protection from the sun! Tropic Skin Care’s Spring Season range also offers an SPF30 sunscreen to shield against UVA/UVB damage.

If you try Sun Drops or any of Tropic Skin Care’s other products, do let me know what you think below!

*I was sent this product to review, and have given nothing but my honest opinion!

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8 thoughts on “Natural Tanning With Tropic Skin Care | Sun Drops Review

  1. Any kind of fake tan scares me tbh, but this sounds so lovely! I’ve just started trying out Tropic’s skincare travel essentials and I’m loving everything so far, it’s always good to find another cruelty-free brand :) xx


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m also quite wary of fake tan! I’ve had horrible experiences with streaky legs before 😂 I loved this product though, and the fact that it’s natural ingredients makes it that bit less scary. I’m excited to hear what you think of their travel essentials! They’re a lovely brand xx


    1. They can be hard to come by! Tropic Skin Care also do self-tanning products for the body…their leg serum sounds really nice! I think Superdrug’s own range is quite good too x


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