April | Hopes And Goals

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I generally love the start of all the seasons, but there is something particularly refreshing about the start of Spring. You know that feeling when you finally switch off the central heating and change over your wardrobes? Or the first day you venture out in a lightweight jacket, or without a scarf? And the first pub garden days? Spring is a season of firsts and is usually a time of renewed motivation and positivity for me.

In March, I resolved to learn more about natural cosmetics and household cleaning products. Although I haven’t made a lot of headway in this area just yet, I have found myself being more conscious of my consumption habits. I have been careful to always have my tote bag with me so I don’t have to use plastic bags, for example, and have been trying to buy loose, unpackaged fruit and veg as much as possible. I am also researching DIY skincare as I would like to make my own face scrubs and cleansers. Let me know if you have any tips or ideas around this!

In addition to that aim, I also wanted to get a good bedtime routine going last month. March turned into an unexpectedly busy month for me, which threw me off a little in terms of relaxing and getting a good dose of self-care in. I’ll keep working to prioritise relaxation in April. Which brings me nicely only what I’ll be going for this month!

1 | Relax without screens

I love being online. I love chatting with my lovely Twitter friends, getting an insight into their lives on Snapchat and Instagram, and keeping up with my irl buddies too on WhatsApp and Facebook. I love spamming a series on Netflix, working my way through my YouTube subscriptions, and reading blogs. But, sometimes, it can all get a bit too much. If I feel like I’m falling behind on updates I get irrational FOMO. Endless scrolling on Twitter can eat up literal hours of my time in one go. And I haven’t been reading nearly as much as I’ve wanted to.

I spend all day staring at a screen, and feel as though I am missing out on enriching myself in other ways like simply reading a book or doing writing exercises or even some meditation. So, short of setting myself a shut-off time for screens in the evening, I am going to at least try to limit the time I spend on my devices after work.

2 | Set myself a monthly word count goal

After really getting into morning writing sessions at the end of last year, I have sadly let my motivation slip so far in 2016. I desperately want to get more writing done, especially on the novel I am working on, and I think the only way to push myself will be to start setting some boundaries and deadlines. A monthly goal of 3000 words seems doable currently, based on 3 early morning writing sessions a week.

What are your plans for April?

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8 thoughts on “April | Hopes And Goals

  1. I love the relaxing without screens goal. We all need that! I’m going to share this post in my Posts of Note later today. Stop by if you like and check out some great blogs! :)


  2. These are such good goals, massive good luck with writing your novel! I’ve found myself reaching for my phone more and more recently so I’m trying to spend time without a screen too – I want more time to read :) xx


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    1. Thanks Beth! It can be so easy to just spend hours scrolling online on our phones…I always regret not spending more time reading, too! Hope you get to fit some good book time in soon xx


    2. Thanks! I think I’m going to have to impose a cut-off time for myself in the evening, where I’m not allowed to look at my phone anymore…it’s the only way I stop! Yeah, more time to read is the dream :) xx


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