Vegan Eats | Chocolate Easter Nests With Marzipan Eggs


Is there a treat as easy to make as chocolate cornflake nests? I think not. These cute, crispy concoctions not only bring back childhood memories of chocolatey fingers and faces, they are also perfect for Easter.

As an atheist, I am very much here for all the sweet goods that Easter has to offer. I see it more as a celebration of the new season, and the Spring equinox. It’s also a good time to pay attention to animals that are so often underappreciated and mistreated in the food and beauty industries: bunnies and chickens. If you’ve been won over by these little critters’ cuteness this Easter, I’d urge you to keep them in mind all year round, and exclude them from your diets.

Rousing vegan sermon over with, let’s move onto the nests themselves. I really wanted some of those fake, fluffy lil decorative chicks to adorn them with. But the supermarket gods were not on my side, and alas I could not find any anywhere. That’s when the idea of eggs came to mind. And what better to make them with than pliable, yummy, yellow marzipan?


I decided to use coconut oil instead of butter to add a coconutty taste to the chocolate, but vegan margarine would work just as well. I used Vivani dark cooking chocolate, but any dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) or vegan chocolate would work. The stickiness of the golden syrup made the chocolate mixture a little easier to handle, but you could probably get away with skipping this step if you wanted / didn’t have any golden syrup to hand. Vanilla essence, maple syrup or agave nectar would also work well in sweetening up the bitter chocolate.


The result of 20 minutes or so of work are cute, cornflakey, chocolatey nests that crumble in your mouth, balanced out by the chewy, almondy goodness of the marzipan eggs.

Let me know if you make these by Tweeting me @notsoquietgrrl. Happy Easter!

recipe card - chocolate nests

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