March | Hopes And Goals


Oh, March. That in-between month when you start to wonder if it’s warm enough to ditch your winter coat, and quickly realise it’s not. That transition period between winter and spring when surprise sun lifts everyone’s spirits, even if just for a few hours. I’m glad you’re here.

February was…well, February, and I can’t say I’m not pleased to see the back of it. It was quite a busy month for me, which was nice at times, but unfortunately set off my anxiety with an intensity I hadn’t experienced for a while. Despite that, I did manage to stick to last month’s goals, and have been making smoothies for breakfast almost every day. This peanut butter and jam (I just can’t call it jelly, sorry non-UK readers!) smoothie has been my favourite to make. I’ve also been working my way through the [Re]Sisters short story collection, which my lovely writer friend Jess is published in. If you fancy supporting emerging female writers taking on engaging and challenging subjects and issues, I’d recommend checking it out!

This month, as usual, I’d like to strike a balance between learning and relaxing.

1 | Learn more about natural cosmetics and household products

I was researching natural alternatives to common cosmetic and household products recently, and was shocked at the amount of disgusting, toxic ingredients that they are full of. Products as innocent-seeming as laundry detergent and facial toner are actually made up of nasties that have been linked to a variety of health and environmental issues. No thank you! Instead, I am finding out more about how I can DIY these essentials or purchase more natural alternatives from vegan-friendly vendors. If you have any advice for me, I’d very much appreciate it!

2 | Nail my nighttime routine

Relaxed evenings are very important to me and, after an early night recently, I have renewed respect for the benefits of a good night’s sleep. I obviously require quite a lot of sleep to be able to function the following day, so I’ve been putting extra effort into making my evenings calming and stress-free. Tuesday evening at the pub sure is tempting, but the homebody in me will always favour the hot water bottle, cosy blanket, cup of tea and YouTube subscriptions list waiting for her at home (Yes, I am definitely 26 years old).

What with the Spring equinox right around the corner, and the evenings already having lightened up, I am starting to feel more positive and energised. How do you feel about March?

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5 thoughts on “March | Hopes And Goals

  1. I’m so with you on the natural cleaners. I’ve been looking up a lot of natural recipes myself but haven’t yet tried any. If I do, I’ll be sure to share cause the stuff in cleaning supplies and skincare is kinda scary!

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