February Empties | Products I Won’t Be Repurchasing


Excuse the bland title accompanying this post, but it describes what I’ll be talking about perfectly. It’s my very first (!) Empties post, which I decided to write rather spontaneously after realising I’d accumulated a few finished products that I’d already replaced with different items. So, in a sense, this is a mix between an Empties post and a things-I-won’t-buy-again post, if there is such a fusion…and if there isn’t, there sure is now.

Enough rambling from me. Let’s just get started!

LUSH British Nanny Facial Moisturiser

This well-liked moisturiser was listed on LUSH’s discontinued list* a while back, and in any case it is not vegan-friendly, so I hadn’t planned on repurchasing it. It is very important to me to have SPF in my daily moisturiser, and I haven’t yet decided which product will replace this one. However, I’ve had my eye on the Arbonne Oil-Absorbing Day Lotion for a while, so that may well make it’s sneaky way into my virtual shopping basket at some point soon.

*Looks like they’ll soon be restocking British Nanny, but I’d personally recommend against using a moisturiser with lanolin as an ingredient because eww.

B. Pure Micellar Water

I’ve worked my way through quite a few of these bottles, and do really like it for a quick cleanse and tone. I can’t say I’ve decided for certain that I won’t repurchase this, but for now I am happily using distilled Witch Hazel in the morning and evening to gently tone my skin and prepare my face for the onslaught of creams and powders to come.


LUSH 9-5 Cleansing Lotion

This is a very good cleanser. It’s gentle on the eye area and lathers up nicely, washing away under a warm, damp muslin cloth to leave skin clean and soft. That being said, coconut oil offers me the same cleansing kudos, minus the parabens, so I’ll be sticking to this natural alternative for the foreseeable future.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

I stopped purchasing from Liz Earle a while back, as part of my shift towards independent, non-parent testing companies. However, I still had a few drops of this toner to use up, so I’d been working my way through it. Liz Earle is one of those companies which irritates me greatly in their misleading “natural” image. Learning that this particular product has sodium hydroxide listed as an ingredient made me feel almost physically sick. That is one of the many reasons I won’t be repurchasing it, and will stick to my distilled Witch Hazel as a natural alternative.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into natural cosmetic and household alternatives recently, and I am excited to move in that direction with my beauty and skincare routines. If you have any advice for me, or product/brand recommendations, please feel free to let me know in the comments, or shoot me a Tweet @notsoquietgrrl.

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7 thoughts on “February Empties | Products I Won’t Be Repurchasing

  1. Interesting how different Lush UK is comapared to North America. I’ve never heard of “British Nanny” moisturizer but maybe it has a different name here. Murican Babysitter? Haha, oh boy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never thought about how their product names must be localised to suit different markets. “British nanny” doesn’t make much sense outside of the UK, for sure! :D


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