Vegan Eats | Orange And Strawberry Smoothie

veganeats smoothie

It has been so inspiring to see people (on and offline) getting into Veganuary. Whether they have just learned more about vegan life, have given the campaign a go, or have decided to go vegan full-time, it seems that interest in plant-based living is growing, which fills me with a warm happy feeling.

As Veganuary comes to a close, I sincerely hope that those who took part have had fun and will continue to incorporate vegan habits in their day to day lives. I also hope that (despite the controversy of one immature company) the restaurants and other businesses who ran offers throughout the month saw the interest in and popularity of great, plant-based food and continue to broaden their menus and, ultimately, the horizons of their clientele.

Although I’ve been vegan for some months now, I took the Veganuary campaign as an opportunity to start upping my game in the kitchen, particularly where breakfast is concerned. For too long, I relied on over-priced, shop bought pastries and the like, which can be nice for a treat but the pennies soon add up. With vegan pastries being basically non-existent in chain fast food places, I’ve started making breakfast a lot more at work – microwave porridge and bagels with avocado are my go-tos, with overnight oats being a recent and wonderful discovery.

vegan smoothie

On weekends, when I have a little more time, I like to whip up a smoothie; usually from whatever’s about to turn bad in the kitchen or the fruit in the freezer. But seeing as I could run my finger across the blender’s blade with little to no discomfort, I figured it was high time to invest in a replacement. After eye-balling a ridiculously expensive Nutribullet on Amazon for a week, I ordered a more powerful processor for a fraction of the price and, a few short days later, the Salter NutriPro 1000 arrived.

The great thing about these machines is that the blade is detached from both the processor itself and the vessel, and you can keep your creation in the vessel once it’s done and just take it with you as it is. There’s no messy clean up job and your smoothie is ready in literally a matter of seconds.

vegan smoothie 2

I am a big believer in vegan eating being affordable for all. To keep costs and waste down, I prefer to buy frozen fruit and veg, or local fresh produce, whenever I can. However, in my excitement to get into serious smoothie making, I did venture out to the nearby health food store, where I spent a small fortune on Flax seeds, Maca powder and an otherworldly bucket of peanut butter.

What I’d like most from my smoothies is for them to improve my energy levels, complexion and just to fill me up until elevenses, or even lunch time. That being said, I am trying not to be overly concerned with what’s in them, so this morning I threw together a delicious Orange and Strawberry concoction from what I had lying around.

Taking a handful of frozen strawberry halves, as well as a handful of grapes, I then added the flesh of one orange (you could grate in the rind, too, if they’re not treated), a good dose of almond milk, a squeeze of agave and a guestimated teaspoon of vanilla essence. If you hadn’t already gathered, I’m not one for formalised measurements. Lastly, I sprinkled over about a teaspoon and a half of flax seeds, and then let the NutriPro take care of the rest.

vegan smoothie 3

So what should you do, now that Veganuary’s over? If you’re keen on continuing your journey towards a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle, then keep the momentum going! Pick out a few cookbooks and bookmark new recipes you want to try. Carry on learning about the benefits of plant-based living by watching documentaries. Seek out the vegan-friendly eateries in your area and plan a trip with your friends. You’ll soon be charmed by the irresistible pull of leading a cruelty-free life. But do it on your terms; by your own standards, not someone else’s. Adhere to the morals that resonate with you and never feel bad if you falter.

Did you take part in Veganuary? Will you be continuing with vegan living now that it’s come to an end?

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