January | Hopes And Goals


Well, would you look at that. It’s the first Hopes And Goals post of 2016!

As much as I have enjoyed reading other people’s resolution posts, I couldn’t quite bring myself to write one of my own. It’s not that I don’t have ambitions for the year; it just didn’t feel time to vocalise them yet. They’re still a bit of a mush in my mind, and may stay that way for a while.

I kicked off last year with my general goals for the year, as well as some more writing focused ones, which I then reviewed in the middle of the year. By July I realised that some of them would take longer to achieve, and others just didn’t resonate with me anymore. This year, I’ve decided to keep things simple and have three aims for how I would like to feel in 2016. I’m hoping that this will help to lend shape and focus to my monthly goals.

So, listen up, Universe gods. I would like this year to be…


I mean this in multiple senses. Productivity is often subjective, and different people quantify it differently, according to their own definitions. For me, being productive means anything from not putting off mundane tasks (like paying a bill, or doing the laundry), to getting out and about rather than lazing around indoors, to pushing myself to get busy creatively.

Specifically, I will carry on working on my novel this year, as well as on improving my photography skills and making sure I am getting out often to enjoy what my home town has to offer.


Self-care is very important to me, and is something that I have been dedicating more time to of late. I can often be found indulging in a long bath, with whatever LUSH goodies I am loving, or lazing around in bed or on the sofa reading blogs and watching YouTube videos. Taking these moments to recuperate is vital to maintaining good mental health for me and I want it to be a big part of my year.


As a creative person, I often feel low and frustrated if I can’t get my ideas out, or am limited in some way in realising them. Last year, literary competition deadlines came and went, essays and writing projects lay unfinished for months and books festered on the shelves, unread. As much as I love living digitally (see above!) I enjoy nothing more than getting through a good, informative book, that can teach me something lasting, or sacrificing my mornings to attend a writing class. In 2016, I want to push my creative tendencies even further, and make sure I am always learning, and enriching myself.

That’s pretty much it for the time being but, as the year goes on, I’m sure I will consider more goals. Are you taking a less specific approach to your goals this year? Or does being particular help in achieving them? Let me know what you have planned in the comments!

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