Brows With e.l.f. | Eyebrow Kit Review


It may have taken two years, but I’ve finally gotten the hang of doing my eyebrows. As someone who didn’t even start plucking my brows until I was in my twenties, this is something of a personal milestone. Through trial and error, three different products and (in recent months, at least) a bunch of regular threading appointments, I now have my brow routine down.

Not everyone chooses to fill in their eyebrows. It can be a time consuming affair and, believing firmly in non-conformist beauty, I don’t think it’s something we should feel like we have to do to look good. That being said, doing my brows has become a part of my makeup regime that I really enjoy. As a glasses wearer, I feel like filling in and shaping my eyebrows frames my face well and often creates a focal point which works with my pared down daily makeup look.

I picked up the Eyebrow Kit in Medium in my very first e.l.f. order last month as I wanted to graduate from the dark brown powder I’d been using and try to master my technique with a pomade. Having previously tried The Body Shop’s gel eye liner I knew that pomades were the most effective product for filling my brows, and I wanted to give e.l.f’s palette a try.


The pomade and powder seemed like the perfect colour match for me on the website, and I was overjoyed to discover that the same was true in the flesh. I’m not the biggest fan of the included brush, so I’ve been using the one that came with The Body Shop pomade as it offers more precision.

I like my brows to be well defined, without looking too painted on. Getting this technique right has not been easy! After a little trial and error (I started off outlining with the powder, but found it too heavy) I feel I’ve got it down.

I start by brushing the eyebrows out with my trusty Brow & Lash Brush & Comb. Taking some of the pomade on the brush and dabbing the excess off on the back of my hand, I draw two thin lines – one across the bottom of my brow and another across the top. At the front of the eyebrow I draw a faint line connecting the top and bottom lines, so that there’s an outline to fill in.  Then, I get to work brushing the pomade on in short strokes, building up the product until I feel the coverage is just right. Finally, I set the brows with the powder using a slanted brush, and apply brow gel to fix everything in place for the long haul.

It takes some getting used to, having strong, defined brows, but it’s the look I’ve been trying to achieve for a while now and, with the help of e.l.f.’s wonderful Eyebrow Kit, I’ve done it.

Do you have an eyebrow routine? Have you used e.l.f.’s Eyebrow Kit?

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