Vegan Lipsticks By GOSH

GOSH lipsticks

Lipstick is an aspect of beauty that I’ve only recently embraced. A few years ago, I had no idea how to choose a good quality lipstick in a shade that suited me, let alone how to apply it without looking like a clown gone wrong. I’m so glad that I’ve since seen the fun and vibrancy that lipstick can bring to beauty; now, it’s one of my favourite ways to bring a look together.

Being a cruelty-free consumer, it is so refreshing to have a variety of brands (both high street and high end) to choose from to get my lipstick fix. My favourite, go-to brand is GOSH – an independent, Danish company with a large vegan offering, which you can shop on the high street at Superdrug. I’ve found their lipsticks to be long-lasting, moisturising and available in a range of shades, and am steadily building up a collection.

I’ve never been a fan of the red lip, so I usually opt for berry tones or pinky nudes, which GOSH thankfully stocks in large quantities. By coincidence, I’ve ended up with shades 158, 159, 160, and 161 – clearly, my subconscious is as organised as I am!

lipsticks from GOSH

Forever Yours (158) is a bright pink shade which I wore loads over the summer – it especially complimented the sun kissed glow I developed after visiting Crete in June. I also picked up Delicious (160) when the weather grew warmer, in a bid to secure the perfect pinky nude for my skin tone. While its consistency isn’t as great, and it settles more visibly in lines and cracks, I do like it for barely-there looks.

The other day, I nipped into Superdrug on my lunch break to pick up some new shades for Autumn. Armed with Kelly’s very useful list of vegan products from GOSH, I was able to select two animal-friendly colours to add to my collection – Sweetheart (161) and Boheme (159). I’d had my eye on Boheme for a while; it’s a rich, berry purple shade, ideal for adding impact to a daytime makeup look. it went on a trial run yesterday and, while I did have to reapply it after inhaling a sandwich, it lasted well for the rest of the day, fading nicely.

There are certain brands (dare I mention the infamous, once cruelty-free, three letter M-word?) which seem to be staples among the beauty community, and I challenge this by saying there are brilliant vegan alternatives out there which compete in terms of colour options, quality and pigmentation. GOSH is an affordable brand with a wide range of gorgeous lipsticks on offer, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Have you tried any of GOSH’s lipsticks? Which are your faves?

N.B. I don’t personally feel that the images of these lipsticks on Superdrug’s website are true to what they actually look like on. If you’re thinking of buying one, I’d recommend going into your nearest store to get swatching! 

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