A Vegan Lifestyle Update | My First Few Months As Vegan

vegan lifestyle

It’s been a good few months since I decided to go vegan, so I thought I’d share an update on how I’ve been getting on. I’m still very much finding my feet, experimenting with new and exciting foods and continuing to learn about how my change in lifestyle will be beneficial in the long run.

The experience has almost completely been greatly rewarding. I feel mentally and physically healthier, and have been having so much fun trying new recipes and ingredients out. I have never eaten such a varied, nourishing and delicious diet in my life; while I don’t think you necessarily need to be vegan to eat like that, it has really helped me be more imaginative and daring with what I eat.

What’s been working?

I’ve been sticking to the guidelines I set myself back in August. Though I haven’t yet brought myself to watch Earthlings, I am feeling more ready to. I have been moving towards buying mostly vegan cosmetics, and have subscribed to vegan vloggers on YouTube for ongoing inspiration and tips. I haven’t beaten myself up too much about screwing up and have continued to accept that this transition is a long, learning curve, to be enjoyed.

I’m lucky enough to work in Oxford Circus, which happens to play host to a bunch of vegan-friendly eateries. To keep costs down, I try my best to bring leftovers for lunch, but on days when I fancy a treat I head out for a wander. Recent favourite spots are Ethos, Kin and Vantra. If you’re in the area, I’d definitely recommend checking them out!

What’s been tough?

Eating out at places other than vegan restaurants has proven to be a little inconvenient. We had friends visiting a month ago and spent most of the day at the pub (as you do…) but, due to there being no vegan options on the menu, my boyfriend and I had to sneak off to grab a burrito nearby before rejoining the group.

At the same pub last weekend, I asked after a dessert which sounded vegan but turned out not to be (it’s a cruel world!). Embracing my vegan junk food loving alter ego, I popped to the corner shop and stocked up on Hobnobs, Oreos, pink wafers and Bourbon biscuits which I spent the next hour surreptitiously eating out of a plastic bag. Classy.

The barmaid had been genuinely interested in veganism and had asked me lots of questions, but neglected to see if there was anything they could make for me to eat. Thankfully, her colleague overheard and warned me against the chips I’d just ordered, as they are fried in the same oil as the fish. I ended up with a nice, customised salad instead – every non-meat eaters’ dream meal to eat after hours of day drinking. It’s the thought that counts, I guess!

We’ve also been gearing up to let my boyfriend’s family know what to expect when we come to spend Christmas with them. So many of the snacks I enjoy when I visit my in-laws in Sweden are not vegan, so it will be a case of bringing treats with us to have while we’re there. My in-laws have always been super accommodating of our vegetarian diet so I’m confident they’ll be just as willing to work around this change, too.

So, there you have it! Living the vegan life has so far been a fantastic, inspiring experience full of new and tasty food and a happier outlook. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision.

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3 thoughts on “A Vegan Lifestyle Update | My First Few Months As Vegan

  1. Hi Nadia!
    I can relate to every single detail about the new vegan lifestyle you are talking about, that’s funny. I decided to go vegan in April and the issues were quite the same: the hanging out part, etc.
    One nice thing that I learnt though is that you should always tell the people who are in charge of an event or your relatives. I had an international summerschool in Italy in June during one week, and before leaving my country I was really worried about what we were going to eat, where, well, in a nutshell, the classical issues of a vegan person amongst meat-eaters or even vegetarian people. So I got in touch with the teacher who organized everything, and what a surprise! He was genuinely happy that I told him that I was Vegan (I explained to him that I didn’t want to bother him but also that a last minute revelation would prove annoying for everyone, so I felt it was good to let him know), and he arranged every single time that I got something to eat. I felt so supported and accepted, that was incredible.
    And I deeply sympathize with you for the Christmas matter; my in-laws are cool like yours, but my own family rejects my opinion and is a very traditional French family when it comes about food, unfortunately. No doubt that the Christmas celebrations will come with oysters, foie gras, turkey and full of dairy bûche galore…Oh, and criticism towards me too, of course. I admit I am afraid of Christmas this year. I really, really hope that Christmas won’t be hard for you this year.

    (Oh, by the way. I just discovered your blog and I love it. You have one more faithful reader now!)

    Greetings from France,


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey Orr! Thanks for your comment :) You’re right, it is so worth letting people know (in advance, when possible!) that you are vegan. Most of the time it’s true, they are very helpful and understanding. That’s a shame that your family are not as accepting! Food can be very tied up with tradition for some people. I hope you find a way to enjoy the festive season and eat what you like. So glad to hear you’re enjoying my blog! Have a great week :)


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