October – Hopes And Goals

goal setting

This month, I’ve mostly been embracing autumn. I’ve switched over my wardrobe, brought out the blankets and have been envying everyone’s recent Yankee Candle purchases (which I will be replicating as soon as I can justify the splurge!).

The beautiful coppers, rusty oranges and mahogany reds of autumn have helped keep on track with last month’s goal to get to grips with my DSLR camera. Just the other day I was out and about in our local park, snapping away at one of my favourite local spots. Here are some of my efforts:

dslr park photoPitshanger park image

I haven’t managed to write up any of my ideas for submissions, but I have done a lot of work to edit a short story I am working on, and develop its plot. One of the tenets of the writing course I’m taking is to write daily (even if it’s just for 15 mins) so I am considering attempting early morning writing. I’ll report back on that later!

The last of my September goals was to raise my awareness and try to engage with global issues more actively, lending a hand wherever possible. A colleague at work has been doing amazing work to help people caught up in the refugee crisis, putting together a charity and organising a trip across Europe to help those most in need in just a few weeks. It’s been super inspiring to follow her progress and get involved where I can with that. Last week, we took part in a pub quiz at work to raise money for the cause. I may have contributed close to nothing to our team’s abysmal result (pub quiz knowledge is not my forte) but as a whole we ended up raising over £600. Yay!

Here are my goals for October. Just two this month, because I couldn’t think of a third!

1 | Organise my cosmetics

I’m happy to report that I have already completed this one! To make way for a bunch of new products I naughtily ordered from elf at the weekend, I cleared out the beauty bits that were either out of date or just not being used anymore.

2 | Be OK with doing nothing

Apart from trying to keep up with my daily writing practice (not to mention my blogging calendar, of course!) I do spend an awful lot of time on the sofa, hot water bottle pressed to my stomach, watching Netflix. Recently, I gorged on the brilliant How To Get Away With Murder, watching up to 5 episodes in a row at the weekend. It can be easy to beat yourself up about not doing anything “productive;” I am certainly guilty of sitting at my computer pottering about for hours, trying to do something useful and creative when all I really want to do is chill out. This month, I’ll be reminding myself that self care is important and that, sometimes, doing nothing is just what I need.

What will you be up to in October?

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6 thoughts on “October – Hopes And Goals

  1. Oh I love a cosmetic tidy! So satisfying. I have a gert big painting to to and an illustration. First commissions in years as I don’t like them – should be an interesting month! Hope you get lots of guilt-free chilling done :)

    Lisa x


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