How I Set Goals


I thought I’d take a break from all the beauty posts to talk a little bit about how I like to set goals. I’m by no means an authority on this but I thought it might be helpful if you, like me, are an amateur goal-setter looking for an accessible way to get started.

If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you’ll know that I start each month with a roundup of my hopes for the time ahead. I’m not talking about anything groundbreaking; bake more, save money and plan holidays are a few recent examples. At first, I just sort of listed things that I aspired to do, without thinking too much into whether or not they were achievable or something that I had already taken steps towards doing. We all like to make lists from time to time, don’t we?

Recently, I’ve been a little more conscious with my goal setting, sticking to these 4 main guidelines:


Personally, I think 3 is a good number for how many goals you could realistically take steps towards achieving in the space of a month. By limiting my monthly aims to just a few, I give myself a better chance of hitting them.


Variety and balance are key if I’m to stick to any of the plans that I lay out, so I try to make sure my 3 goals encompass having fun, being creative, and trying something new. An example of this might be to go to a dance class (fun), attend a book reading (creative), and take a day trip to somewhere outside of the city (new).


Setting myself goals that required me to spend lots of money would make it even less likely that I would achieve them. While creative goals can easily be set and achieved without spending money, having fun and doing new things can’t always be done for free. That being said, maybe this in itself is a goal…


This one is more of a personal preference, but I like to keep a good balance of goals that stimulate and better me both mentally and physically. So, instead of having a month where I’d focus on mainly physical activities (go cycling, go on a walking tour, and check out a new restaurant, for example) I’d throw in some more mentally enriching ones, too (have an indoors picnic/movie night to relax, go on a street art walking tour, check out a new restaurant).

I hope this has given an insight into how easy it can be to set goals. Keeping things simple, ensuring you reflect on the goals at the end of each month, and aiming to do things that truly resonate with you can be a fun and rewarding experience. You’ll especially enjoy it if you’re an organisational freak like I am…

How do you set goals? Do you keep things basic or plan everything down to the last detail? Let me know if you have some tips for me!

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