August – Hopes And Goals

August goalsSummer can feel so fleeting. Not least when the skies are grey and rain is threatening to scupper your plans. I love that we have seasons here, though some *cough*winter*cough* can linger too long. But summer always feels too short, somehow.

In July, I resolved to enter more writing competitions, as well as visit some of the places I haven’t yet been in the city and plan next year’s trips away. Honestly, I wasn’t the best at sticking to these goals, but they’re kind of long term, so I won’t feel too bad about having had a bit of a lazy month.

Here’s what I have planned this month:

1 | Cook and bake more

I tried my hand at vegan brownies and flapjacks recently, and both went down a treat! I also cooked tofu for the very first time last week – think lots of squishing, waiting and wobbling. Though I don’t do it nearly as often as I should, I’d like to spend more time making delicious meals and yummy treats, trying out new recipes and ingredients. Sarah’s Oreo cupcakes are next on my list to make!

2 | Explore my local area

Over the weekend I headed down to Ealing’s famous annual Jazz Festival, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been before. In fact, I hadn’t even been to the park it was held in, which was a gorgeous and calming space complete with a stream and bridge! There are several summer festivals held in my local area, most of which I’ve sadly missed this year, but it all got me thinking and wanting to discover and patronise new and old eateries and attractions in my home town.

3 | Not have any goals

I view August as the closing month of summer so, weather permitting, I’d like to enjoy it as much as I can. So, as much as I love a good goal, I’ll be taking it easy this month.

What will you be up to this month?

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