Cruelty-free Haircare By Maria Nila


It may sound a little trivial, but my relationship with my hair is something of a constant struggle. Should I keep it short, or let it grow? Keep things natural or colour it all? I suppose you could refer to me as a yo-yo hair-haver, in that I’ve changed my style a lot over the years.

Since switching to a cruelty-free lifestyle, I’ve found it difficult to find a shampoo that works for my fine, greasy hair. I tried a few high street brands, but I found that they felt heavy in my locks, and didn’t seem to clean them at all. The whole situation kind of had me pulling my hair out, tbh. So when I heard about the Maria Nila vegan haircare range, I was super excited to try it out.

As I was visiting in-laws in Sweden recently, I figured it made sense to shop the range on its home soil (weight limit, schweight limit). I headed to a small salon in Stockholm and picked out the Pure Volume shampoo and True Soft masque. I got lucky with the exchange rate but, regardless, this is not the cheapest range, so I was all the more hopeful that it’d work.

So far, I am enjoying using both products. The Pure Volume shampoo smells great and lathers up well, and once I’ve blow dried my hair I can feel a difference in volume and thickness. I have found that my hair is even less manageable than usual on day 2, and I wonder if it’s because the product is causing a bit of a buildup. However, I’m going to try to use less of it and see how it goes.

Having ditched daily conditioning a while back, I was happy to invest in a treatment to use weekly. The True Soft masque feels ever so luxurious going on, and I’ve found that a little goes a long way. I may have left it in for longer than the recommended 5-10 minutes, but my hair did feel clean and soft once I’d dried it.

A review of these products would not be complete without mentioning the gorgeous packaging. Soft, pastel shades and simple shapes and design – it’s as if they were made with bloggers in mind!

I will definitely keep using these two products, and am excited to switch it up and try some other products in the range.


Have you used Maria Nila haircare? Do you have any other cruelty-free/vegan ranges to recommend?

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