A Starter Guide To ASMR Videos

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Soft speaking. Inaudible whispers. Tapping, mouth sounds, ear-to-ear. Collectively, these terms might not make much sense unless you’re familiar with ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response. TL;DR – you know that nice feeling you get listening to someone with a soft, gentle voice? Or the tingling sensation certain sounds evoke? That’s what ASMR is all about.

As someone who has been using ASMR videos to aid relaxation and lessen the effects of anxiety for a few years now, I thought it was time that I wrote up a lil guide if you’re interested in learning more about the phenomenon.

After hearing about ASMR through a friend, I logged onto YouTube and started listening, discovering my favourite ASMRtists (YouTubers with ASMR-dedicated channels) through trial and error. I’d definitely recommend that as the best way to explore the community and to see if it’s for you, but I thought I’d share some simple tips to get started, too:

1 | Be open-minded

YouTube is a treasure trove of ASMR gems – from makeup tutorials and unboxing videos to doctor role plays and hair brushing sessions, there are so many triggers to try out. Some of the video titles might seem a little weird or off-putting at first, but if you take an open approach and give different triggers a go, you may find that you really like them.

2 | Use headphones

ASMRtists invest in microphones and recording equipment to provide the best possible sound for their listeners. To get the clearest results, use headphones! Turn the volume up to the max to catch every whisper, nail tap or brush stroke.

3 | Incorporate ASMR into your self-care routine

I usually listen to ASMR videos two or three evenings a week, if I have the time. This is normally when I’m lying on the sofa, reading blogs, after a long day at work. Catching up on new uploads from the channels I subscribe to is something I really look forward to doing, and greatly helps me to relax and wind down.

And now, some personal recommendations…

Like I said, I do think the best way to dip your toes (or ears, as the case may be) into ASMR is to just head to YouTube and get listening. However, if it’d help you to have a few pointers on where to start, then I can certainly recommend the following ASMRtists:

Gentle Whispering

Maria’s beautiful, soft voice and unusual Russian accent drew me in from the get go. As one of ASMR’s most well established artists, her videos are always of the highest quality and range from simple show-and-tell videos to elaborate role plays.

START WITH | Cute Cards and Journals – Tapping, Page Flipping ASMR


Brittany is equally talented in whispering, soft speaking and sound triggers – she even sings sometimes, too. I particularly enjoy her unboxing videos and it’s always fun when her adorable cats make appearances.

WHY NOT TRY | Tingly Clothing And Accessory Tap and Crinkle, Close Whisper And Modeling 

Cosmic Tingles ASMR

An upload notification from Kayla never fails to get me feeling a little giddy. Her channel has a wide choice of different role plays – recently, she acted as a donut specialist catering for a children’s party!

DON’T MISS | Donut Shop Role Play

I hope these tips and tricks help you to enjoy your foray into ASMR!

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8 thoughts on “A Starter Guide To ASMR Videos

    1. Maria was one of the first ASMRtists I discovered, and has remained a firm favourite :) Thanks for commenting, I’m glad to hear that you also enjoy ASMR vids!


      1. As requests was the first artist I ever watched. I like her but she rarely posts so I moved on to Maria. Sorry about my rambles. I don’t have anyone to talk to asmr about lol


        1. Haha don’t be sorry! It’s sad when an artist you like stops posting, or rarely posts, eh? Do you ever comment on YouTube videos? That could be a good place to have conversations about ASMR too.


  1. Nadia, terrific post. I like that you remind people to “be open-minded”. I often think of ASMR videos on YouTube as a food buffet – sample widely and then go back for the ones you enjoy the most.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really glad you enjoyed the post, Richard! I agree with that method too, it’s very enjoyable to explore all the different options and see what you prefer.


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