July – Hopes And Goals

julyhopesgoalsJuly may be my favourite month of the year. I’m a little biased, of course; with my birthday falling on the 3rd, I normally manage to squeeze a fair bit of fun out of the start of the month, at least (because, birthday weeks!). It’s an objectively wonderful month, though, right? What’s not to love about holiday season, and summer in the city? Apart from the overheated Underground perhaps.

I’ve been doing a pretty good job of hitting last month’s goals. As part of my attempts to live more consciously, I’ve stocked up on yummy plant-based foods (think a fridge full of tofu, fro-yo and fresh vegetables) and had my lovely boyfriend treat me to a Vegan birthday meal at Tibits in London’s rather fancy Heddon Street, just off Regents Street. If you live in the city or are planning to visit, I’d definitely recommend this buffet-style, pay-by-the-weight-of-your-plate restaurant for omni- and herbivores alike.

This month I’m looking to gain a balance of creative productivity and well-deserved relaxation. Do let me know your goals for July in the comments below!

1 | Enter more writing competitions

The lovely Kerry has been keeping myself and my fellow Write Like A Grrrl alumni informed on a variety of online publications that are open for submissions, as well as some which are accepting entries to competitions. I have been wanting to apply to more writing competitions for a long time, but seem to never find out about them in time, or not dedicate enough energy to making sure my submissions are as polished as they can be. I’m going to work towards remedying this over the summer.

2 | Plan next year’s holidays

What better way to combat post-holiday blues than to plan next year’s escapes? I’m still not over my trip to Crete last month, but it’s time to start fantasising about where I’ll go in 2016. I’m thinking a few city breaks here and there could be cool – Berlin has been on the wish list for a while, Amsterdam is just too cheap not to go to, and I’d love to check Gothenburg out on my annual trip to Sweden. If you have any recommendations for me, please let me know!

3 | Be a better Londoner

How is it possible that, having grown up here, I’ve never been to Hampstead Heath? Or Sketch London? Or Kew Gardens? Or a bunch of other cool places that newcomers and tourists are so much better at getting to than I am? I need to correct this, and the long, warm evenings and sunny weekends of July present the perfect opportunity to do so.

Here’s to a fun-packed July!

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4 thoughts on “July – Hopes And Goals

  1. I would also like to apply to more writing competitions, I have a humongous pile of bookmarked sites to apply to which I’m avoiding at the moment…
    I also had the exact same feeling in London, so many visitors came and went, seeing more of it than me, and I was there for four years! My goal this month is to see more of my new home, Hanoi. Looking forward to hearing your discoveries in London!

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