May – Hopes And Goals


May is a pretty loaded month for me. It is the month that, two years ago, I finally started my first non-retail job. It also holds more difficult memories of an unexpected family drama last year which pushed my limits in myriad ways.

It certainly comes around quick, this fifth month of the year. In some ways, I am ready for the summer to arrive in earnest; in others, I’m still cocooned in winter’s comforting warmth. As the weather has changed, and the year has grown into its skin, I’ve found my creativity suffer a slight slump, but May just might be the month to put me back on track.

1 | Slow Blog when I need to

I wrote a grand total of two posts in April. That’s a record low here on (not so) quiet girl! Why didn’t I write more? Because I couldn’t think of anything to write about. The few ideas I did come up with felt bulky and odd as I tried to flesh them out, so in the end I decided that a little bit of “slow blogging” wouldn’t be too bad. Taking it slow is much better, in my opinion, than churning out content that you’re not really happy with, or which doesn’t add a particularly valuable perspective.

2 | Re-focus my aims for this blog

As you may have guessed, my goals for May are pretty creativity-orientated. As I’ve invested more time and love into my blog in the last 6 months or so, its direction has changed and my aims for it have developed. I’ve been able to re-evaluate the type of content I’d like to post here, based on what I’m naturally more drawn to writing about. So, expect more of the same, but with more of a defined focus on creativity and lifestyle. I would love if you came along for the ride!

3 | Concentrate on building my writing portfolio

In keeping this blog a more personal collection of lifestyle and creativity posts, I’ll be spending more time writing about my other interests for different platforms, and building up a professional portfolio of sorts. One of my favourite places to post writing that is not quite suited for (not so) quiet girl is the Huffington Post Blogger’s page. Anyone can sign up to have a page on there, and you can upload blogs on just about anything! I’d definitely recommend it as a platform to have your voice heard on.

What are your hopes and goals for May? Do let me know in the comments!

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