April – Hopes And Goals

april hopes and goalsBy the time April rolls around, I’ve started to get a little bit impatient. Clothes for hot weather – chunky-heeled sandals, ripped jeans and floaty dresses – tempt me from shop windows, and my winter coat is longing to go into hibernation after nearly 6 months of solid wear.

I do love Spring, though. I cherish spotting the first blossoms on the trees, going for riverside drinks as soon as the temperature creeps into double figures, and embracing those positive vibes that accompany the sunnier skies.

My goals for this month are pretty relaxed, as I’m still easing myself out of the inclination to just nest at home and do little else during winter. March brought more Zumba (which I even blogged about on the Huffington Post Blog), more home improvement planning (if you’re on Pinterest, feel free to follow my endeavours), but sadly no nourishment bowls (because I’m lazy).

1 | Spend more time in nature

When I’m not immersed in the hustle and bustle (and, quite frankly, hell) of Oxford Circus during the working week, I tend to stay close to home and not venture very far outside of my bubble. I’d like to change that, and take more regular trips to the gorgeous natural highlights that London has to offer – Richmond Park, Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill, etc.

2 | Finish reading something

A few months ago, I started reading the wonderful The Opposite Of Loneliness by the late Marina Keegan. Then Miranda July’s The First Bad Man was released, which I bought along with Late Fragments by Kate Gross. Now, all three lie unfinished, at the mercy of my fickle eye. This month, I’d like to focus my well-deserved attention on finishing Keegan’s poignant collection of essays and short stories, before moving onto anything else.

3 | Prepare the home for warmer weather

It’ll soon be time to switch round my wardrobe (yes, I am one of those people who packs clothes away seasonally), stash away excess blankets and jumpers and ready my home for summer! I’m lucky enough to have a tiny bit of space outside, so I’ll also soon set to work potting some plants and cleaning that up, too.

What do you have planned for April? Any recommendations on how I should spend the fourth month of 2015?

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5 thoughts on “April – Hopes And Goals

  1. I love it when spring is there and it stays light longer outside, you hear birds again in the early morning and there’s cherry blossom everywhere. So that’s a big yes to Spring!

    Can we get to see some pictures of how you made your home spring-ready? I was just looking at some colorful pillows in a decoration magazine. I’m thinking about getting some to bring more colors the couch :)

    Also a big yes to you making time to go out to the green places in London! :)


    1. Yes, the birdsong, cherry blossoms and lighter evenings are all such mood boosters for me! I like your idea with the cushions! I’ve forbidden myself to buy anymore soft furnishings as I have way too many to begin with :D maybe I could do a post about prepping the home for Spring…that could be fun!

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  2. Yes to getting out into nature more!! One of my all time favourite things to do is go for a walk somewhere pretty.
    I’m focusing on my health this month. Need to get daily exercise back into my daily routine and stop being a lazy flump.


    1. Winter is really good at making us want to hibernate and eat warming carbs and junk food! Hopefully the onset of Spring will make you feel even more like eating fresh, healthy food. Good luck!


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