My Writing Schedule


Last month, I resolved to create a schedule to organise my writing in 2015. Having a set plan in place for when I write and what I work on is an idea I’ve been mulling over for a few months now. Though I’ve never written to a schedule before, I’ve recently began to appreciate how a more structured approach to creativity might motivate, focus and inspire me.

Writing creatively isn’t an activity that lends itself very well to routine. One week I might feel like writing every evening; the next, I’ll be lucky to jot down a full sentence. Structure and flexibility sound like opposite concepts, but they needn’t be. In this spirit, I’ve come up with a writing schedule I’m excited to put into practice. Here are the mini mantras I factored into the process:


I have a tendency to make lots of promises to myself about my writing. I’ll do 2000 words today! Finish that chapter, or else! When I inevitably fall short of my goals, it stings. There’s really no point setting myself up for defeat unnecessarily, so I’m taking care not to overestimate what I’m actually capable of.


I’m keeping my expectations of myself fairly low, so it feels extra awesome when I blow them out of the water! Exceeding the aims that you set for yourself is undoubtedly a great feeling, and I’m all about good vibes.


When it came to putting together my plan, I played around with ideas for how to split up my time. Should I write on specific, set days of the week, every week? Or should I mix it up? In the end, I resolved to take the pressure off a little by allocating 10 hours per week – 6 over the weekdays and 4 at the weekend, to be split over whichever days I like. A totally doable number, in no sweat circumstances.

– – – 

I’m hoping that, by keeping these three guidelines at the forefront of my mind, I can get excited about the bigger writing projects I’ve had holed up in my head for months. I have only the deadlines I set for myself and, thankfully, I’m a pretty laid back master. So, with minimal pressure, reachable goals and realistic expectations, I should have this writing thing down.

Do you write to a schedule? Have any tips for me?


6 thoughts on “My Writing Schedule

  1. I read so much about the benefits of keeping to a writing schedule and I actually feel the same way as you describe: planning and (forced) creativity don’t go well together. But as so many people write about the benefits… I’m probably wrong haha! I should just give it a try!

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    1. Thanks for your comment :) I think it will be worth a try, but I guess if you give it a go and realise it’s not helping your writing, then it may not be the way to go. I’m learning about the benefits of a brief daily writing session (around 15 minutes) at the moment, which kind of flies in the face of my proposed schedule haha…but here’s to trying out different methods, until we find the right one!

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  2. Also, having gone through the process of instilling discipline into my routine myself, I can promise you that once you’ve put in the effort to develop the habit, it becomes much easier to suffer a temporary lapse in diligence without fearing that you’ll fall off the bandwagon forever! Good luck.


    1. Thanks Catherine! I hadn’t thought of that – it’s a relief to know that I can allow myself some lapses without feeling like I’ve lost my way completely.


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