March – Hopes And Goals


Oh, March. I pity you, I really do. Winter is clinging to you like an ill-fitting dress that you’re desperately trying to shake your limbs out of. February was gloomier than you, but April will likely hold more promise. I won’t hold your bad timing against you too harshly; instead, I’ll try to put you to good use with a few more small, hopefully achievable goals.

1 | Nurture new interests

I’m a Cancerian, which means I love few things more than nesting at home. This includes making my surrounding environment as comfortable and enjoyable to inhabit as possible, which is an interest that has gripped me recently. Quite suddenly, I’ve become obsessed with mid-century furniture and ornaments, which has led to me needing to redecorate the bedroom in this style. Instead of worrying too much about whether I can afford, or even need, to overhaul my living space, I’m going to just go ahead and do it, all the while investing in a burgeoning interest in design and interiors.

2 | Try making nourishment bowls

After catching Ghostparties’ Kate ‘gramming a snap of one of these, I fell deep into a Pinterest-shaped hole as I browsed through the endless combinations and possibilities. They’re basically bowls of goodness – salads, pulses, grains and dips – put together bento-style. I see them being for Spring and Summer what hot-pots are for Winter.

3 | Get into a new fitness routine

The gym was so lame. Instead, I’ve signed up for Zumba classes, which so far has proved 100% more fun than pounding the treadmill ever was. I’m going to cherish the sense of empowerment and control over my physical health that Zumba has given me so far, and ride the wave of fun fitness for as long as I like it.

March, you might not be so bad after all.


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