10 Blogs To Follow In 2015


For me (and many others I’m sure) a big part of blogging is reading other blogs. Keeping up to date with blogs that cover a range of subjects is not just a really enjoyable pastime, but also a way to renew your inspiration for your own blog, and keep in the know when it comes to your contemporaries’ ideas, loves and lives.

From where I stand, there’s a whole lotta love in the blogging community, so I thought I’d share some myself and let you know which blogs I really adore. Though these ladies mostly blog across several different disciplines, I’ve split them into categories for ease. If you have a favourite blog, let me know in the comments!


Clothes, Cameras And Coffee

Rosalind’s beautiful photos showcase her enviable wardrobe, which consists of second-hand, vintage, ethical and inherited treasures. Her blog posts are short and sweet accompaniments, offering shrewd observations about the world, culture and – of course – fashion.

A Curious Fancy

A recent discovery of mine, Ragini’s quirky and utterly cool style is stunningly documented alongside some honest, inspiring and, sometimes, hard hitting writing.


Lovely Witches

Gemima offers informative product reviews and advice on cruelty-free beauty, which is a cause very close to my heart.


Gorgeous photographs decorate this blog, which ranges in topics from beauty and lifestyle to interiors and DIY projects. Kate even features her adorable cat from time to time!


Jill of all Trades

I can often be found laughing out loud to Samantha’s witty posts on modern culture’s epic fails. Equally, I’m drawn into her honest posts about life and motivated by her knowledge on making money from, and getting the most out of, blogging.


If you’re at all into living a clutter-free, simpler life, then Anuschka’s blog will be right up your alley. Stunningly photographed visuals go hand in hand with applicable tips on personal style, ethical living and minimalist interiors.


Don’t Flinch

Trigger Warning – Suicide, self harm

Kait’s open and insightful entries are paired with gorgeous photographs of the life around her. From the simple things, like her pretty flowers, to her cute as a button Chihuahua, each image evokes a hundred thoughts.

Being Little

I love Lyzi’s kooky style, exciting product reviews and general musings on twenty-something life. Her blog wears many hats; covering travel posts, recipes and wishlists to name but a few.


Blots And Plots

Jenny’s often hilarious tone of voice and can-do attitude make her blog a regular for me. If I need some creative encouragement, useful tips on writing, or a post that just gets the woes of the writer life, then I know where to head.

The Laughing Medusa

Advocating self-love and a life covered in metaphorical sparkle and pixie dust, Sarah’s blog is a fountain of colourful inspiration, with tips on how to make life that bit better. It’s a must-read for anyone who loves tattoos, too, with regular interviews with amazing artists showcasing their equally awesome inks.

– – – 

At least once a week, I settle down with a blanket, a cup of herbal tea and (optional) a cat atop my feet to scroll through these blogs. They’ve long been bookmarked on my iPad and can transform a lazy Sunday afternoon. Which blogs can you not do without? Which do you recommend?


4 thoughts on “10 Blogs To Follow In 2015

  1. I’m flattered :) and also strangely proud that my blog is the only one that comes with a trigger warning. I will check out the other blogs on your list too. I should make a post like this sometime soon on my own blog. You are giving me so many ideas tonight. :)

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