February – Hopes And Goals


As the dazzle and promise of the New Year starts to wear off, and real life settles in, hopes and ambitions can drift out of focus. Slowly at first; then, all of a sudden, they’re gone. When it comes to denial, I’m queen. I can give you a hundred and one excuses to explain why I’ve missed a few of my goals.

My aims for the year so far have been executed with mixed success. The writing schedule I want to hash out is still half-formed, a mishmash of thoughts and notes. On the flip side, I’ve stuck to my goal to enrich myself by doing something different, and have booked a place on a writing course starting next month.

February will be a time for me to re-focus my energies and let myself off the hook for any recent shortcomings. I’m adding a few new targets to the board, though:

1// Give up coffee

Real talk – I can never give up coffee. It is one of my few vices (if it can even be viewed as one) and I won’t be made to feel bad for enjoying its rich aromas and ever-so-slightly intoxicating buzz. That being said, I spend a small fortune on shop-bought coffees, and accompanying baked goods, that I convince myself that I need, and deserve. I can make perfectly flavoursome coffee at home, and at work, for free. To keep shop-bought coffee as a special (and cheaper) indulgence, I’d like to cut down to having it just twice a week.

2// Simplify my surroundings

In no world do I need any more blankets, decorative trays, or candle holders. In fact, I could stand to let some go. Since my late teenage years – littered, as they were, with countless trinkets, keepsakes and assorted crap – I’ve become more interested in a pared back, minimal lifestyle, and I’d like this to reflect in my immediate surroundings at home.

3// Eat more sensibly

I’ve never been on a diet, and I don’t intend to start now. However, my eating habits are due a refresh. Laziness leads to semi-enjoyable takeaways and thrown together pasta salads. With a little research, and some strategic ingredient buying, I’m confident that I can overhaul my meals to make them healthier, longer lasting and tastier.

4// Celebrate achievements

Some cool things happened in January. I booked my writing course, I got super organised with blogging, and – get this – a piece I wrote was published on an online magazine that I admire. I find it hard to big myself up, and feel proud of my achievements. Though I won’t be screaming about my successes from a rooftop near you anytime soon, I will be trying to quietly, inwardly, celebrate when I bring something good my way.

What do you have planned for February?


4 thoughts on “February – Hopes And Goals

  1. You should definitely feel proud of what you’ve achieved (and will continue to achieve). Don’t feel bad about talking about your successes, either. Your writing is excellent, interesting and informative; you’ve a wonderful style. I foresee many more successes to come over February and, of course, beyond.


    1. Thanks so much, Amy! That really means a lot. I think it’s just not in my nature to big myself up. I tend to think of it as boasting, when it’s really just about being confident and recognising achievements. It’s something I’m mulling over a lot right now – expect a blog post on it soon!


      1. I can well understand that as I often feel the same and find it difficult to highlight my own achievements. Like you, I often feel it’s boasting to even comment on a personal success, whereas one should see it as confidence; arrogance is irksome but there’s nothing arrogant about nor wrong with being proud of our own achievements. I look forward to your post on the subject!


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