How To Make Reading An Experience


If you’re at all into Pinterest, you’ll likely have come across the masses of pins depicting cosy reading nooks. Blankets aplenty furnish a perfectly shaped alcove you just happen to have to the side of your living room. Thrifted books, worn but adored, lie nearby, playing host to a half full coffee cup. A cute IKEA floor lamp offers soft mood lighting, by which you flick through the pages of your favourite novel.

Reading, in reality, is a little bit different. Snatched chapters, rushed through on your morning commute. Sentences half-remembered as you doze off after a bedtime read. Soggy pages after that ill-fated attempt to finish part 5 in the bath.

It’s a shame, really, because reading deserves to be an experience. Settling down with your latest literary purchase ought to be a relaxing, warming, other worldly experience. It should be one you dedicate time to, whether you’re scrolling through your favourite blogs or flicking furiously towards the end of a thrilling bestseller.

Allowing a good amount of time to read is the most important step towards having a true reading experience. There are a few other ways you can move a little closer to Pinterest’s version of reality (pro tip – get blankets!), too. Lighting a good quality scented candle can cosy things up a notch; if you like reading to music, put together a reading playlist. Instrumental, slower music works best for me, but whatever floats your boat.

Use technology to your advantage to optimise your reading time. One of my favourite things to do is snuggle down with a bunch of blogs to catch up on – my iPad makes this easy. If you have a tablet of some description, create bookmarks for your favourite blogs so you can access them and jump from one to another with ease.

If music isn’t your thing when it comes to reading time, use your smartphone or tablet to download an app like Rain, Rain and let the sounds of thunderstorms, downpours and rainfall be the soundtrack to your reading experience. Make sure the ringer is on silent if you’re using your phone – there’s nothing worse than an unexpected call interrupting as you get lost in a suspenseful passage or emotional section of your book.

We may not all have reading nooks to nestle away in. We may not all have tablets or smartphones to scroll through blogs on. But most of us, at some point or another, have time. Use your time wisely – dedicate it to a reading experience you’ll want to repeat over and over again.


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