My Writing Resolutions For 2015


I’m not usually one for making resolutions at the beginning of a new year. Most resolutions seem to centre around deprivation (of sugar, carbs, shopping, and other great things) which is a way of life I’m not really into. However, when it comes to writing, it always helps me to focus – and re-focus – my goals.

Last year, I resolved to write every day, have more confidence and fewer inhibitions in my writing, enter more competitions, and write for myself more often. While I do think I’ve succeeded in certain areas (my writing confidence has definitely grown), I still have some work to do in others. Writing every day proved a challenge when life stuck its oar in, and competition deadlines came and passed without a single word in dedication.

While my work in 2014 definitely laid down a solid foundation, I want 2015 to bring much bigger achievements. I’ve devised four aims which build on last year’s hard work, while setting the bar for the next 12 months:

1// Construct a writing schedule

I can go weeks without writing, and it doesn’t feel good. Sometimes, I genuinely need a break but, more often than not, I let the weeks roll by without putting fingertips to keyboard because I’m lacking a schedule. A well-honed plan for when and what I write will help me get organised and give me the structure I need to get going with my larger projects.

2// Keep a diary

So writing every day was a bust last year. But what if I resolved to keep a diary, effectively forcing myself to write something? I spend a lot of time reflecting on things that happen in my daily life – from the mundane to the meaningful – and I often wonder if writing it all down might provide some inspiration down the line. This resolution would likely be alternated with using writing prompts to generate a short amount of words regularly.

3// Complete a project

As much as I love writing short articles and blogs, I sometimes miss the feeling of having completed something that finishing a larger project can bring. I have two (or maybe three) larger writing projects lined up (my NaNoWriMo novel, and a memoir-cum-essay-collection type thang) which I’d really like to make some headway with this year. Maybe, I could even finish one. That would be something.

4// Continue to focus on blogging

I love to blog. Curating content for (not so) quiet girl and maintaining some sort of Internet presence is not only an extremely rewarding creative project, but it serves as my writing portfolio, too. Last year brought about some big changes for me and this blog – my stats picked up, I worked hard on the blog’s aesthetic, and I’ve been privileged enough to discover some brilliant fellow bloggers and their awesome blogs. Now why would I want a good thing like that to end?

– – –

Keeping a diary, making a plan, finishing a project and focusing on blogging will help guide my focus on writing in 2015. What will you be doing to get on your game?

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8 thoughts on “My Writing Resolutions For 2015

  1. Aspiration is fundamental for personal growth and continued inspiration. Writing is a therapy in itself. It expands our mindset and creates infinite imagination. To live is to enjoy living and to write is to continue to believe :)


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