2015 Will Be The Year I


I always have a lot of plans. I may be a little addicted to the feeling you get in moments of inspiration; when organising and plotting for the months ahead feels exciting, and plans put in place feel achievable, if only because you’re so darn excited about them. Excite!

This initial burst of energy and belief in the plans I etch out usually fades once the reality of the work involved in making them happen sets in. My need for things to happen quickly and with minimal effort is definitely a fault in my outlook that I should address – cool stuff doesn’t just fall into place overnight, and when you work towards something over time the sense of pride when you eventually get to your goal is inevitably greater.

There’s a temptation at the beginning of a new year to set a bunch of resolutions – expectations and standards to live by for the next 12 months, with pass rates varying in difficulty. Instead, I’ve had a think about how I’d like to contribute to my own personal growth in 2015. These aims for the year are achievable, with a little self-belief and some metaphorical elbow grease. Self-faith and a drive to put in hard work are two aspects of myself I’d like to build up going forward, and the following goals present the perfect channel through which I can do that.

And so, 2015 will be the year I…

1// Get a tattoo, or four

I actually have four tattoo ideas, which I’ve worked over in my mind for months. I’ve researched different styles and artists to figure out what I’d like, and feel I have reached a point where the only thing standing in the way of me getting inked is the physical pain I expect to endure. A stiff drink and a friendly hand to hold should take care of that, though.

2// Save, save, and save some more

My finances could be happier, and the steady stream of shop-bought coffees and pricey lunches are certainly not helping the cause. This year, I need to commit to the goals I’ve been setting myself for months, and minimise the amount of money I spent on unnecessary things. How else will I be able to afford the aforementioned tattoos?

3// Get serious about writing (seriously)

I’ve definitely made some progress in this regard but setting these goals is all about pushing myself to go the extra mile to get stuff done. Blogging has been an amazing experience for me over the last couple years, but I feel that it may have detracted just a little from my other creative ambitions; namely, writing something longer than a 600-word post. There’s a novel waiting to be written and several other stories to be told – this year I will be dedicating time and resources to completing a larger project, beginning to end.

4// Do something different

Though I’m definitely not in any hurry to ever go back to school, I do sometimes miss the feeling I’d get learning about something new. I’d like to enrich myself in a constructive and fun way in 2015 by taking an evening class in a subject area I’m interested in, but have never had the chance to fully explore. Something musical would boost my confidence in singing and playing guitar; a creative writing course could help generate fresh ideas and inspiration for my projects. Or, I could go completely left-field, and take an interior design or cookery course. Who knows.

– – –

These defined and achievable goals simply require some clever budgeting, the motivation to get going and a bit of belief in my own ability to make them happen. While they’re not quite resolutions, they’ve definitely given me some aims to work towards in 2015.

What are your goals for the 12 months ahead?


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