Vegan Skincare | Some Treats From PHB Ethical Beauty


When it comes to smaller, natural beauty brands, I often find myself spoilt for choice in terms of quality. Independent companies put such attention and effort into their products, I find; making sure each ingredient has its purpose, and priding themselves on their credentials. PHB Ethical Beauty is one such brand and, having wanted to try something from them for some time, I was excited to find them available through the Love Lula website, where I hastily placed an order.

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Vegan Lifestyle Update | National Coffee Day ft. KeepCup


There is often nothing more comforting to me than a good old cup o’ joe. Whatever the truth is about how good or bad coffee really is for us, I relish my daily caffeine hit. How I receive that hit can vary from day to day, and depends on my whereabouts, how much money I’m willing to part with and how late I’m running for work (what? I’m never late for work!).

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Mallow + White Soothe Face Mask Review

Mallow + White Soothe Face Mask

I don’t use face masks nearly as often as I’d like to. It comes down to not giving myself enough time to relax, which is definitely something I should work on. Hopefully now that the seasons are changing, my inner hermit will emerge and gift me with plenty of cosy nights in, to be spent pampering myself with long soaks in the bath and calming, revitalising face skin treatments.

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Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review


In my attempt to stop purchasing from brands whose parent companies are not cruelty-free, I’d sort of ruled Nars out as a potential brand I would want to shop from when it came to picking up a new foundation. Although Nars don’t test on animals, are not sold in mainland China and offer several vegan-friendly products, their parent company – Shiseido – is far from being cruelty-free.

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New Moon Intentions | September


Intentions are goals that you set during the New Moon phase, which typically falls at the beginning of each month. Over the next two weeks, you bear those intentions in mind and start working on them, letting them really come to fruition by the time the Moon is Full.

As much as I love summer – light evenings, al fresco drinking, sun kissed skin, etc. – I am equally pleased when autumn rolls around. For many, it carries with it a feeling of starting afresh, and signals a new chapter of creativity and productivity. Throw in Halloween, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (vegan ones, please!) and the LUSH seasonal range and you’ve got yourself a pretty perfect picnic.

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Vegan Skincare | My Morning Routine ft. Tropic Skin Care


I take an unreasonably long time to get ready in the mornings. When I tell people I set my alarm for 6.15am and don’t leave the house until just after 8am, they are usually shocked and confused at how it could take so much time to get fed and watered before hitting the road. I do envy those of you who can be up and out within half an hour, but I don’t think it’ll ever be me.

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Vegan Beauty | OCC Lip Tars! Swatches And First Impressions


Without getting too deep into things, there is a certain popular liquid lipstick brand whose products we all adore, but whose creator is regrettably a problematic mess, riddled with controversies that won’t just conveniently disappear. Being devoted consumers of cruelty-free cosmetics,  we are no strangers to adapting in the cruelty-free community, and in this spirit I’d like to showcase one of my favourite alternative brands, who have a clean bill of health when it comes to their ethics – OCC.

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