Vegan Lifestyle | Cruelty-free Brands And Testing Parent Companies


Every so often, the question of whether or not it is ethically acceptable to buy from cruelty-free brands who are owned by parent companies who test on animals comes up in the community, causing a little chatter as we all try to define and articulate our views on the subject. It has come up most recently following beloved cruelty-free brand Too Faced’s acquisition by notorious baddies, Estée Lauder. I’ve really been intrigued reading everyone’s opinions on this complex issue and, while it’s far from being a hot take, I thought I’d add my own voice to the mix.

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A Winter Mood Board


Winter might not officially start until December, but once mid-November has rolled around, it feels more like it than not. The crisp but relatively mild days of Autumn, with its rust-coloured leaves and collectable conkers, have made way for a biting chill and a grey breeze on the air. And, as gloomy as that might sound in comparison, I’m welcoming the change.

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PHB Ethical Beauty | Foundation And Mineral Eyeshadows Review


Occasionally, I’ll take a peek at the ingredients of my favourite foundation or mascara, and be met with an incomprehensible list of chemicals which, although they have been cleared for use, are disconcerting nonetheless. Some of the main offenders are my favourite cruelty-free brands, which I have been loyal to (much to the despair of my bank balance) since deciding to use only vegan products. And while I haven’t had any adverse reactions to any of the products I’ve used, it has got me thinking about seeking more natural alternatives.

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Vegan Lifestyle | A Festive Gift Guide


For the past few years, I’ve spent my Christmases alternating between my hometown of London and my boyfriend’s family in Sweden. As much as I adore being in Sweden for Christmas – with real snow, plenty of home comforts and a ridiculous amount of food – there’s something very special to me about being at home for Christmas, no matter how lovably dysfunctional the festive time can prove to be in my family (love you all, really!…).

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It’s More Important Than Ever Before To Consider Going Vegan


Like many of you, I moved through Wednesday and indeed most days which have succeeded it in a state of near-constant despair and fear following the news that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. Again, like many of you, I had naively thought surely not, relegating the nightmare scenario to the back of my mind; surely attitudes in the nation had not reached this point. Surely an openly bigoted, hateful, misogynist rapist would not be elected to run the most powerful country in the world. Surely not, I thought, but then.

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Is Being Vegan A Feminist Issue?


CW: Sexual violence, rape.

For as long as I can remember, and having begun in some undefined way, I have identified as a feminist. The notion of not being one simply never occurred to me – I believe in equality for all, and as self-identified women are in a position of being among the most oppressed on a global scale, “feminist” (rather than equalist or humanist) is a word I feel comfortable using to describe myself and my strongly held beliefs.

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Vegan Lifestyle Update | Shopping At LUSH As A Vegan


Since switching to cruelty-free and vegan beauty, I’ve become much more conscious of the brands I buy from. Popping into the local Superdrug to pick out a new lipstick or mascara is not as simple as it once was, as there are several things I now need to consider: does this brand sell in mainland China? Does this lipstick contain carmine? Is this company parent-owned by a notorious tester? Thankfully, there are resources available which make things easier, and after a few years of practice, I’m getting there in terms of knowing who to buy from and who to avoid.

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